Aug 14, 2008

Thursday music

Many Pink Floyd fans have debates amongst themselves regarding what era of the band's career was the best. Similar to the Van Halen and AC/DC arguments of what singer was the best, I've heard many a conversation get heated by two who can't agree which of the group's albums was the best, The Wall or Dark Side of the Moon. Then there are those who'll never accept anything done by them after Roger Waters left to pursue a solo career.

I find myself on the unpopular sides of these debates a lot. I think the Haggar years made the better Van Halen simply because Eddie was a far better guitar player in that era and they weren't doing a bunch of stupid cover tunes. So today I'll commit blasphemy in the eyes of many and say yes I do like the work of the drug fueled band after Water's departure. Deal with it.

So today good readers I bring you 'Learning to Fly'.

As probably none of you have noticed I did add a little music player to the sidebar. Granted the genres and quality are all over the board, but I hope you enjoy it. Unlike some bloggers (*cough* Pablog *cough*) I set it so it won't be blaring through your speakers/headphones as you bring up the site. Yes you will actually have to press play to listen. Imagine that concept.

"I confess I've never felt like a passenger." - Roger Waters


Anonymous said...

I love Pink Floyd!! Some of the best chill music around. I am not partial to either "version" of said group and actually, learning to fly is the song that intially got me into PF (thank you MTV) as my folks never listened to that "hippy music"

whatigotsofar said...

Pink Floyd fans are crazy! This one time at a Genesis tribute concert, I was having a casual conversation with my friends over the topic of 'Pink Floyd's best album.' I apparently made some waves when I said aloud that Wish You Were Here is their best album. Some guy in the row in front of me, a guy I've never met, turns around and says "No way. Animals is the best Floyd album."
"Sure, whatever, pal. I like Wish You Were Here."
"Well, you're wrong, wanna take this outside?"
Calmers heads prevailed. Besides, what kind of moronic loser picks a fight over the issue of Animals being better than WYWH? It's such a stupid thing to fight over. They're both very good albums.

Mattbear said...

I myself enjoy both the Waters and Gilmour led versions of the band. Although I felt "Division Bell" was pretty weak.

Miss Ash said...

I remember this teacher in highschool he was crazy. He used to be in a band that travelled all over the world..anyway he had a planetarium and would blare Pink Floyd for us "Learning to Fly" while we layed down and watched the stars. All the stoners would ask when we were going in so they could prepare ahead of time...then he'd sniff them and say "I like your new cologne" and laugh hah. He was cool.

JLee said...

I agree. This was probably one of the few songs I liked by them.