Apr 13, 2011

Change of wardrobe.

I was in charge of watching my twelve year old sister in-law on Sunday. Our first outing was at the Studio Movie Grill watching a film about a teenage surfer who got her arm chomped off by a shark, but through grit and a the power of the Lord she continued in the sport she so loved. Not exactly fine cinema, but it was inoffensive and surprisingly well shot. She liked it a lot and wants to surf now even after seeing someone lose a limb because of it.

In front of the theater was a store called Cavenders, an establishment I was not familiar with. My sister in-law said it was her favorite store so I obliged her by saying we would enter it. The place sold cowboy attire and other accessories associated with the old west.

I know cattle ranchers, but granted they don't reside in Texas, and none of them wear stuff this gaudy. Rhinestones filled the place as it seemed to accentuate all kinds of clothing from jeans to flip flops. I felt my inner white trash self scream for a pair of boots and a ten gallon hat, but I decided against it as everything there was out of my price range. They sold camouflage slippers, cowboy art, and of course, country music.

The clientele was almost as interesting as their products. Most seemed upper middle class, which is not too surprising considering the price tags on many of the items. They were purchasing rhinestone covered flip flops with huge crosses on them, boots of various colors, and jackets that were straight out of a fifties western. It looked more like rodeo attire rather than anything practical when actually driving cattle, but then again few people in the world are in that line of work anymore.

So I experienced my first view of bourgeoisie cowboy lifestyle in Dallas, which was amusing, but none too shocking. I do want to enter the store dressed as a raver kid or a hippie and see what transpires.

"I was feeling real good and real manly. Until a real cowboy walked by and told me I had my hat on backwards. So much for my career as a cowboy." - Michael Biehn


Kelli said...

My sister wears cowgirl "Bling". You are very correct in your assumption about it being geared toward rodeo. She's a professional barrel racer. But, even though she owns "bling" for the public... the boots, jeans, hat, etc. she (and I) wears at home are crap coated, sweat drenched and well-worn.

Claire said...

Ooooh, was the movie Soul Surfer? My friend went to see it and said it was surprisingly good!