Apr 29, 2011

Deep in the heart of marriage.

Shocking as it may be to some, transgendered folks can get married in the state of Texas, but they have to show documentation as to which sex they surgically chosen, because we couldn't have them marry the same sex after all. Yes I could legally marry someone who was once a man, but that person couldn't marry a woman.

With me so far?

Well Texas Republicans are trying to change all that. Apparently the GOP is trying to pass a bill that only allows transgendered folks to marry someone of the opposite sex that was registered on their birth certificate. So say a man gets a sex change, then decides as a women he (she?) wants to get married. Because of this bill she could only marry a woman, which would seem like a gay marriage to any reasonable thinking adult, but to Texas conservatives it would be as God intended.

Still with me? I'm having difficulty following the logic myself.

So now that the Texas deficit is solved, the economy is full swing as middle class jobs are a dime a dozen, and no state employees fear being laid off it only makes sense that we bar transgendered people from offending the delicate sensibilities of our legislature.

"It would be terrible for Texas, now that it finally caught up with the rest of the country, to take a step back." - Shannon Minter

Texas may strip away transgender marriage rights


wigsf3 said...

Is the gay rodeo community so large that it just can't up and move to California where it would be welcomed with open arms and ass-less chaps?

Miss Ash said...

Ummmmm.......say what now? LOL! Do they realize how assinine that is?