Apr 27, 2011

Suck it birthers

The billboard pictured here is on display in Dallas. It's goal is clear, to give doubt in the minds of Americans that our President was not born in this country and therefore ineligible to hold the office.

This morning that's all changed. The White House has finally released the long form birth certificate issued by the State of Hawaii, which is what birthers have been asking for these many years. It's kind of sad that he had to do this. He already released his certificate of live birth, the Governor's office has stated numerous times he was indeed born in Honolulu, and announcements in the local newspapers confirm his mom did give birth to him at a hospital in the US. None of that was good enough for birthers.

Donald Trump came into the picture with his media whoring self and proposed that this ridiculous conspiracy theory had legs. No one with a reasonable mind believed him, but four out of ten Republicans gave him credence. Media coverage of the issue increased to the frustration of those who really wanted to consume information about policy.

Suck it birthers. Suck it long and suck it hard. To any person who believed as Trump did that may be reading this, you are a stupid person. Yes you are a whore for the likes of WND and Alex Jones, who have profited greatly off your ignorance. I know this birth certificate won't be enough for you, for after all you can't accept that the majority of Americans voted in a black man, well half black at least, and you can't accept that. You're too dumb to point to a policy issue you may disagree with, because that would take actual research. Your live in a fantasy world, one where you feel you're the most informed, when in fact you play serf to the feudal forces of insanity. You'll believe anything you read and give no amount of research into things you know little about, all the while claiming to everyone that you're a media savy intellectual.

In short birthers, you're just a bunch of dumb assholes who have distracted the discourse into this kind of nonsense. Try now to take up important issues such as policy concerns, economic recovery, and the like. Sadly this will not happen as you'll be as stubborn as truthers in your ignorance, because you're a bunch of simpleton idiots. You're an enemy of the conservative movement and you've done more harm than good. No thinking Republican wants to be associated with you anymore and it's time you stop giving them a bad name.

"We do not have time for this kind of silliness." - President Obama

Obama releases long form birth document, rips 'silliness' of debate over issue


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Well said.

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I love that quote at the bottome regarding "silliness"! They're all a bunch of ass hats!