Apr 25, 2011

Christian grammar.

This Easter I hung out with my brother in-law and his wife while we did the church thing and had a fine meal with the extended family. On our way back home I saw numerous church signs declaring Christ is risen.

This proclamation gave me thought. Now I know I'm not a whiz in the grammatical sense, but shouldn't it be Christ 'has' risen? Unless the Lord and Savior is like bread and is constantly rising from the tomb Joseph of Arimathea so kindly provided, shouldn't it be in the past tense? Aren't Christians waiting for him to descend back onto Earth with the sword?

Now that I think about it it makes some kind of sense as the celebration tries to put you in the time in history when the disciples discovered Jesus' body was no longer present. Still it seems odd to a passerby.

I sometimes wonder if Christ gained Hulk like strength to move that boulder. Now I'm sure people think it just moved on it's own, sort of like a Jedi Jesus scenario, but that's not as cool. Well then again it kind of is.

"My mom used to say that Greek Easter was later because then you get stuff cheaper." - Amy Sedaris

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Miss Ash said...

The Jedi Jesus thing reminded me that I saw a pair of running shoes with I think a storm trooper on the front?!? There was a store with Yoda sneakers, a yoga hoodie and these big running shoes. I'll post the photo!