May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Americans remember and give thanks to fallen soldiers in many number of ways, if at all, on this day, and many choose a war to recall as their focus. Many think of those who lost their lives in our current struggles in Asia, or many others recall the soldiers who paid the ultimate price for their service in WWII. Some tend to recall all the wars, from the Revolution to Iraq part 2: Electric Boogaloo, but there is really no wrong way to respectfully memorialize the honored dead.

Cable stations are playing numerous films designed to honor soldiers or accurately dramatize a period in history of where men and women fought a foreign enemy. There are many good ones for sure, but my favorite film for this holiday is "Gettysburg".

This may come as no shock to you, as I'm a little bit of a Civil War buff, but outside of Ken Burn's Civil War documentary series, and maybe "Glory", there hasn't been any better film about the conflict. Wonderfully acted, especially the amazing performance by Jeff Daniels, it really gives an authentic look to the bloodiest battle on American soil. Tense and accurate in it's portrayal, it is a real treat for those who give any amount of study to the war, and it may teach as well as entertain those who haven't.

"Gettysburg succeeds as a motion picture event, and as a re-creation of a pivotal chapter of American history." - Daniel M Kimmel

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