May 16, 2012


As many of you probably understand, I have no love for Walmart. I just don't really enjoy the shopping experience it provides. That being said I don't really hate them, as they're a business like many others that just happen to be better at retailing than most. You can say their business practices are shady, but you can probably say that about most hyper competitive chains in any field of service. And yet, I do shop at Target, so directing my ire towards Walmart would seem unfair, and a bit hypocritical.

While I don't normally hate on ordinary people who have little to no political power, I found someone today that can kiss my country ass. Donnell Battie is a pig fucker of the highest order and I'll tell you why. He was in a Walmart two years ago when some prankster picked up a store phone and got on the intercom and stated "Attention Wal-Mart Customers: All Black People Leave the Store Now." Now this kid was arrested for this, which is weird considering I didn't know you could go to jail for simply being a jerk, but hey I'm no Judge Judy.

Back to the asshat that is Donnell.

Donnell, who is such a pansy he should be required to go by the name Donnie, Donnette, or simply Douche, was left traumatized by the incident, and experienced massive amounts of pain and suffering due to the kid's actions. So logic would dictate that he speaks to the child's parents about the incident and maybe both can learn some valuable life lessons. It could be a movie of the week about pain, racism, and forgiveness.

But no, not for Douche. Donnie got some sand in his vagina and has decided to sue not the boy's family, but Walmart, because since the retail giant clearly didn't have an armed ninja staking out all their phones to ensure some bored kid wouldn't pull a prank shows a reckless disregard of the emotional trauma of the pansy community. It was like they were begging a racist kid to broadcast the constitution of the Aryan Nation to the helpless masses who can't handle the fact that assholes exist.

So Walmart will probably settle, and Dandy will get some cash, a miserable excuse for an attorney will get richer, and customers will end up paying for it. The lesson learned here kids is that lying brings you endless amounts of rewards and there's no consequence for abusing the system. You, you good children you, are entitled to a life free of jerks, and if someone offends your delicate constitution it's not right to blame the jerk, but someone with a lot of money who had little, if nothing, to do with the jerk's actions. There's no reason to forgive and forget, nor should you make amends with your attacker or victim. You gots to get paid after all.

So yeah, fuck you Donnell Battie. You stand for everything I hate, and it is you that's what's wrong with the world.

"Battie claims he has needed medical care due to the March 2010 comment. He says it caused him "severe and disabling emotional and psychological harm."" - AP


wigsf3 said...

Ten bucks says this person will take all of the settlement earnings and spend it at a Wal-Mart.

Claire said...

What a tool! Hate when people sue over nonsense - just makes life harder for people who genuinely have good cause!