May 2, 2012

Wiwille shops, stops runaway weave

I usually don't write about my gripes with the service industry. Come to think of it, I usually don't complain if I have a problem with a particular place. If I'm not happy with the product or service, I ask for a refund and don't go back. It's really that simple.

Still I'm perplexed with my experience with Target, and am not sure if I should go back or not. A few days ago my wife was searching for new car seats for our daughter, and found the ones she liked online through Target. The item was listed for "49.99 store price", but wasn't available to purchase online. In fact, the site said "Not sold online". So we looked up a store that had it available and I made the trek to find the item. I found two in stock, but they were listed for 54.99 each. I asked an associate what the deal was and she admitted that the website listing sounded strange, but they can't price match their online price. I explained to her that this product stated it was sold in stores only and gave a store price, but that confused her.

She directed me to Guest Services and after my wife sent me screen shots of what the site said to my phone I talked to an associate. She said they couldn't price match online prices, but I should go and try to order it online, even when I told her that the website made that impossible. I showed her the screen grab, and explained that it said "store price". She wouldn't budge, but did offer to call a manager.

Well a manager showed and I explained the situation again. He asked me to wait a moment and called his supervisor, the store manager. The store manager arrived and I showed him the screen shots and the situation. He reiterated the same speech I've heard twice already, but I argued with him a bit and explained how ridiculous it was that their website advertised a "store price", but the store wouldn't honor it. We went back and forth, till eventually it went circular until he told me that I could still buy it if I wish, but under no circumstances would they match the "store price" as advertised.

Well poop. I bought the items anyways, as the price was still lower than anywhere else we researched, but I hated myself for it. As I walked out of the store I come up to my car to hear a nasty scream in my direction.

"HEY WHITE MAN," this lady yelled. "STOP MAH WEAVE!"

She was running towards me with arms flailing and fat rolls swinging in the soft breeze. I look down to see the weave dance across the pavement in my direction. It came to me and I stomped on it to make sure it stayed put, but decided against picking it up. She finally came to me and grabbed her weave and thanked me. I said she was welcome and left it at that.

My wife was unhappy about the shopping incident, so she decided to write Target about my experience, with the screen grabs as well. Below are some excerpts:

"Online it states that the “In Store” price is on sale for $49.49 regular price: $54.99, with a total of $5.50 savings on each car seat. Again, I could not purchase this item online, it was sold in stores only. We looked online and it said that the Vista Ridge location had these particular car seats in stock. My husband went to the store and the price was $54.99 each in the store. He spoke with 4 people to ask why this was when online it stated that the in store price was $49.49. He spoke with the Store Manager as well, and he informed him that Target cannot price match. I understand not price matching with competitors, but this was his own store, TARGET. He told my husband he can or cannot buy the item, but he would not give it to him for the sale price as advertised...Basically, there is no way to purchase this item at $49.49.  Not online or in the store.  My question is why is this advertised as this?....If you see below, there is no way to purchase this car seat online : “not sold online”, so it is not an “online” price.  $49.49 is the store price and Vista Ridge Location had it in stock.  That means that they should honor this price.

Find in store: ( it was in stock yesterday, until we went and bought the last two car seats)"

So Target gave her a reply:

Thanks for writing with your comments. It sounds like you have some concerns about price matching
We've established our policy so guests may expect a great value on all our merchandise. Target doesn't price-match or price-adjust with other competitor stores or other Target store locations (store-to-store). Additionally, Target prices can vary between stores and I'm sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

When you checked online for store availability, the window that popped up with store locations also said, "Prices, promotions, styles and availability may vary by store and online."

If we advertise a lower price either the same week or the week following your Target purchase, we'll make a price adjustment. You can take your original receipt to your local Target store and visit the Guest Service Desk to receive this service. A team member will be happy to make this adjustment for you. As a reminder, we're unable to make any adjustment on clearance merchandise.

We're always evaluating the wide variety of services and merchandise we offer you, and I've shared your concerns with our Store Operations team. We always welcome your feedback.

We're always looking for ways to make Target even better and appreciate your help.

Target Guest Relations

So no one at Target has any idea what the fuck "store price" means. Granted, if I had stomped my feet and acted like a child, I probably would've gotten my way, but at the risk of my dignity, or it could've gone sideways with them calling the cops. Still I don't understand why they towed such a hard line on this, especially given the evidence. If I wanted to take this to court, which I don't, it would seem to be an open and shut case in my favor. Granted, it's not a big deal as it's only $11 dollars, or the average daily income of a welfare family of three, but there's a principle here. I mean why list a store price at all?

Thing is Target carries a lot of products we like at a reasonable price. Sure we could just choose to go somewhere else, but when you add up the expenses of travel and spending more for the items it adds up.

"I shop at Target weekly for all my household and grocery needs.  I would hate to stop shopping here for this issue." - Wife

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Miss Ash said...

I'm frustrated just reading this. Do they not realize how asinine the situation is? It makes NOOOOOO sense!!!