May 24, 2012

Set your DVRs to kill

Reality television is an easy target as most of it is boneheaded nonsense that feeds America's inane obsession with attention whoring. It's come a long way from the days of "The Real World" to the infamous "Jersey Shore". Still it's easy to make fun of as it steeps low into the vacuous suckage scale of stupidity. Every year though, when you think it can't out dumb itself, it happens, and today that very thing just happened.

Abstinence poster child Bristol Palin has sent a press release about her new reality series on Lifetime, which displays her trials and tribulations of growing as a person while being a single mother, as is her birthright. Oh and it's called Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp, because get it? Her son's name is Tripp, and life is like ingesting a bunch of hallucinogens and believing you're God. This of course constituted a press release, because everyone is wildly anticipating this, as is evident because this landed on the Lifetime network, the channel that no one can stop watching.

Just when you thought you've heard the last of the Palins, but like a case of herpes they spread in the most unlikely of time and places. It's time for America to say no more to Adam Sandler comedies and the Palins. We've had enough and we don't need, nor want, anymore.

"But I’m not a pundit. I’m just a mom made famous in one of the most intense and embarrassing ways possible – by having your teen pregnancy announced in the middle of a presidential campaign. Oh, and I was a finalist on Dancing with the Stars, one of the most-watched shows on TV. But all that means I’m more a part of pop culture, the culture that creates the television we watch and the music we listen to. When real pundits write blog posts, they don’t pop up in Us Weekly… but mine do." - Bristol Palin


Miss Ash said...

I watch some pretty questionable TV but even I'm not going to stoop this low! Who cares!!!!

Claire said...


wigsf3 said...

You know who wants this crap. Democrats. They need this crap. They need Americans to see people under the Republican banner to look foolish.
Just as Republicans need to see President Clinton consorting with stars from adult cinema.