Jul 20, 2012

Cunning strategy

After a thorough whipping in 2008, Republicans, and their Tea Party brethren, decided a new strategy would be in place. Job creation and economic growth. The latter claimed they were about less taxes and smaller government, and few believed them. They were right as the Tea Party seems more interested in bigotry and having our public schools teach the Bible as a literal document. The Republicans held fast to their original plan, or so they keep telling us, but it comes to no shock that they have only one plan, making Obama look like a stooge, even if it carries a troublesome cost to the public.

So the GOP decided to hit Obama as to why their hasn't been as much job growth since the early days of the industrial revolution. The President decided to do what he pledged, end incentives for corporations to move jobs oversees and give them a good reason to say within our borders. The Bring Jobs Home Act would've given companies a 20% tax break to come back to the US, while it eliminated tax deductions for businesses who still insist on hiring needful doers.

So one would assume Senate Republicans would think this is a good idea as it might help people get jobs and stimulate our economy, but no, they do not like things such as Americans being employed. They voted to halt debate about the bill, killing it's chances of ever becoming law.

This is the modern state of the GOP, helping create overseas sweat shops since 1985. I mean seriously, if you needed any more proof of how the Republicans are deliberately trying to screw the middle class, well you're a lost cause and somehow devoid of reality. You may need therapy.

"In a letter to senators this week, the Chamber of Commerce called the bill "misguided" and said it "would hamper American worldwide companies' competitiveness, increase complexity in the Internal Revenue Code, and threaten economic growth."" - CNN

GOP senators block top Obama jobs initiative

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