Jul 3, 2012

Think different

My wife's office is strictly a Mac house. She just got a brand new Powerbook and I have to say, it is a nice computer, if you can afford one, or if your job is willing to expense one for you. I find it odd that they're willing to fork over that kind of dough for products that can't be simply upgraded later, but they don't ask me. As this may surprise some considering where I work, I do like some Mac products, but I'm really not their target audience as I'm not a douchebag nor do I wear horn rimmed glasses and masturbate to Morrisey. Oh and I also know how to operate a computer.

The wife was in the market for a laptop bag and looked online for some. Apple actually made a few she liked so she decided she should go to the Apple store and finally experience what all the kids are talking about.

We walked into the mall and I suddenly realized I was wearing a Windows 7 t-shirt. Oh well.

The wife and I entered the Apple store and it was just as I remembered it. Lots of employees engaging with customers, and a Genius Bar, which I guess the name is supposed to make people who have an issue with their product feel bad about their intellect. There were products and douchebags with more money than sense abound, but no sales register, because Apple's all fancy and will make your shopping experience suck if you use such primitive technology as cash.

We were escorted to the very back of the store to find a small selection of laptop bags. Not a single one had a shoulder strap as the wife wanted, and all were more expensive than the one she found online. We browsed for a minute, and told the sales lady we'd order it online.

"Not so fast", thought the salesperson. She offered to look in the back for us to see if there are any that would suit our needs. Yeah, I've worked retail, when a product is not on the floor there's maybe a .015% chance it's in the back, because retailers do like selling merchandise and get it on the sales floor as quickly as humanly possible.

After a short wait we decided this was a complete waste of time, and started to leave, but the salesperson came out of the back to tell us what we already knew. So we didn't find what we needed, and were none the richer for the experience, kind of like using an Apple product.

“Mac users swear by their computers. PC users swear at their computers.” - Unknown


wigsf3 said...

"... with more money than sense abound..."

Carmine always has with him an iPod, an iPad and 2 iPhones. Hmm...

Greg said...

I love Apple. I bought an iPad off Craigslist. A few days later it went bad. Could've ended really badly, however it was under warranty and even though the "moisture sensor" voided the warranty, Apple replaced it with a new copy of the same model at no charge. After that I swore my next computer would be an Apple. There's something to be said about a computer and OS that never crashes.

Miss Ash said...

I'm still a PC gal and don't understand the LOADS of people in Apple stores at any given moment! It's like a cult!