Jul 13, 2012


Being a father and doing what's expected of you has changed over the years, but according to Huggies, women are the only ones qualified to care for a baby and the only tasks men can do well are killing wildlife and masturbating to Asian porn. Take their new ad campaign, which asks people to nominate a father to try out their new products, diapers and wipes. According to the company, their new line can handle anything, even an idiot such as a male.

I'll admit in my household the wife does most of the work when it comes to caring for Kenadie. She does the bathing and most of the feedings, but I do my part to assist in any way I can and have done my share of changing diapers, preparing and feeding bottles, and rocking her to sleep at some unholy hour. If, God forbid, something happened to my wife I'm confident that the fact that I have a penis won't infringe on my ability to care for her just as well.

So given this, does Huggies think gay men couples have difficulty caring for an infant? Are we men to be looked upon as morons that we need things idiot proofed? I mean imagine the shit storm if Microsoft released a video game that even a woman can play. Or if Chrysler unveiled a new line of cars that are so safe even a female can drive it.

So yeah, fuck you Huggies. No seriously fuck you. You've given me another reason not to buy your products.

"We're looking for great Dads to put our diapers and wipes to the test. Whether he's a seasoned diaper duty pro, or still learning on the job, now's his chance to prove that Huggies can handle anything." - Huggies

Huggies To Dads: You Suck At Child Care


wigsf3 said...

Wiwille, don't you know the world in which you live? It's only sexist if it's demeaning to women.

Claire said...

I'm astounded they went for this tack. Most guys I know who have kids are wicked good with nappies!

mungsprout said...

Nathan and Ali must have been born knowing that Huggies sucks because neither has ever been able to use one of their diapers without it leaking all over everything and anything.