Oct 25, 2012

Obama offends Christians, again and again...

It's no secret that Fox News and World Net Daily hold the title for reporting the stupidest stories and making them seem legitimate. Okay there are Breibart and others, but one has to scratch their head when reading some of the mornonic stuff they spew onto their public, and then it sets in the weapons grade stupidity of those who actually believe it. This has become extremely apparent during any and all federal election cycles.
The folks who hate Obama for the sake of it are the ones who really drive me crazy. They keep claiming he's a communist, but can't tell you how he's against the free market, or any policy that even remotely resembles Marxist traditions. Then there's the lunacy that is birtherism, which is just crazy as all hell and has no basis in reality, but many tea partiers and their ilk believe it as the gospel truth. But there's another absurd claim, and supposed mystery, surrounding the President's religion, or perceived lack thereof. Take this claim by a Fox News contributor, a Las Vegas oddsmaker who specializes in buffoonery:
Christians will turn out in record numbers this year. Obama has offended Christians again and again. Last election 20 million evangelical Christians did not vote. They will turn out in record numbers in 2012 to defeat the most anti-Christian President in US history. How motivated are Christians? Did you see the long lines around the country to support Chick-fil-A this summer? You’ll see those same lines on election day.
I've seen this posted on Facebook, and the resulting threads are about what you'd expect. People decrying Obama for being un-Christ like, yet never give an example of what he did to offend our Lord and Savior. Oddly enough, they consider someone who some would claim follows a false prophet, to be the better Christian, which is fucking unbelievable.
So I guess I'll speculate why someone who claims to be a Christian feels so comfortable judging the Christianess of another, specifically the President.
  • The President once said this is not a Christian nation, which is true: Guess what other President ratified a treaty with this claim? Self proclaimed follower of Christ John Adams!
  • Obama allows the practice of killing fetuses, and that's against the will of God. Hell rape is part of the Lord's will: God actually performed abortions in the form of forced miscarriages. I'm not kidding. He also ordered the killing of newborns and other children, which is just plain wrong, but he's God and you can't denounce his wisdom, so do as the Lord does!
  • He doesn't attend church regularly: Well you may have a point there, but that still doesn't prove his personal relationship with Christ is any less shaky.
  • He went to Rev Wright's church, who got angry and swore in a church: You know for someone who claims to be a Christian you're as largely ignorant of the Holy Scriptures as you are modern politics. Jesus got mad and tossing stuff around in a temple. It's ok for people, even Reverends, to be angry. After all, we should do as Jesus did.
  • Obama spits in the face of God by allowing gay marriage: This same tired argument was used by so called Christians who were against interracial marriage. Ask yourself this, do you honestly think God cares if gay people get married or not? I mean really, will gay people stop being gay if they can't get married? Shouldn't equality be for all or for no one?
  • Romney is a better Christian than Obama: First off, who the hell are you to judge who's a better Christian? That's up to God. Second, I think you need to sit down and read the Book of Mormon, and while you're at it, the Bible, to understand why your reasoning is flawed at best, ignorant at worst.
By the way, while this idiot claims Obama is the most anti-Christian of all Presidents, he never edited the gospels while strippin away the divinity of Christ. 
"Judge not, lest thee be judged" - From a book you believe is the inspired word of God, but yet you've never read.


Claire said...


Great post, sir. I have friends of friends on facebook who are convinced that Obama is a devout Muslim...bizarre joining of the dots, right there. When did being a moderate Christian become such a terrible thing?

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