Sep 6, 2006

Ass kickery did ensue.

Call me a barbaric beer swilling simpleton all you want, but there's nothing I find more amusing than to see some jackass get their comeuppance. In this story there was not one, but three teens who found themselves on the receiving end of a martial artist's limbs.

Three teenagers in Hamburg Germany allegedly cornered a another teenager, Pauli Borchardt, demanding that he relinquish his cell phone. After Pauli refused the teens decided to try and rough him up a bit. What they failed to realize is that their outnumbered opponent is a student of the martial arts and completely wiped the floor with all three of them.

When the beaten thugs were found they told some story that Pauli lead a gang of bat wielding maniacs that attacked them. When police further questioned everyone they concluded that the would be muggers were not victims and now are investigating them on attempted robbery.

Glorious. Stories like this really brighten my day. I also love reading about burglars that get their ass whooped by the elderly.

Yeah go ahead and label me as an uncultured violence loving freak while you sit there and tune into 'America's Got Talent'.

"Don't hit at all if it's honorably possible to avoid hitting, but never hit soft." - Theodore Roosevelt

Muggers pick wrong victim


Mattbear said...

I'm generally a peaceful man, but I did spend an inordinate amount of time of my youth learning how to hurt people. I've never had a real serious need for that knowledge, and I'm happy of that.

With all the reports of victimizations, I am always happy to hear about someone who had the knowledge and wherewithall to stand up to attackers and prevail. You go Pauli!

Scott said...

That is brilliant. You just have to love that one.