Sep 5, 2006

Cops, football, and weddings.

This labor day weekend was indeed a packed one filled with fun, excitement, and high emotion.

After working 10 hours Friday night I picked up the Pretty Girl and we headed out to the small town of Hermiston for a wedding. After the four hour drive we made it to the hotel and I contemplated staying there and sleeping, but as the trooper that I am I decided to attend the blessed event.

Luckily there were some friends staying at the same hotel and gave us a ride to the church for the ceremony. The wedding was absolutely beautiful. As a former wedding photographer I've been to over 200 weddings and this one will stand out as one of the best.

After the ceremony the couple had the great idea of hiring a short bus that drove us from the hotel to the reception site. It was held at the bride's parent's home and was beautifully decorated and months must have been spent on the landscaping. It was outdoors complete with a dance floor, good food, and a beer truck that had taps on the side of the vehicle. Yes you could just go up and pour yourself a cold beer right from the truck itself. Brilliant idea.

The wine flowed and and the music played and I even stayed awake for over 30 hours to enjoy it. Finally we retired back to the hotel under the escort of the short bus. First time I ever ridden in one. Really. No I'm serious. I don't write this bad because I'm retarded, just lazy.

The next day was followed by a short brunch and the Jiggaman, Russ, the Pretty Girl, and I headed out in separate cars to Kennewick to eat at Carl's Jr. First time for me and I will say it was a tasty six dollar burger.

On the way back home the Jiggaman and I drove like there was no tomorrow. We were given the finger a few times, cut off by a minivan, and I made people nervous with my Andretti impression. We finally slowed down and the Jiggaman and Russ pulled off into a rest stop and I kept on my merry way.

About a half hour from home Russ, who was driving while the Jiggaman slept, pulled by us going at least 85 mph. I marveled at how they caught up with us. He kept pulling away from us until he was finally out of site.

A few miles later I saw him on the side of the road after being pulled over by a cop. Doh! I later found out he received a ticket for going 82 mph in a 70 mph zone. Poor guy.

Labor day was a glorious one as I attended my fantasy football draft. Corey describes fantasy football draft as being just like Christmas and I have to agree. Emotions ran high before it even started as Paul and Kyle argued about something that I wasn't even paying attention to. Regardless the draft went really well and I put up an impressive roster for this season. Hopefully all will go well this year.

Later that evening the Pretty Girl had a cookout and it was fun. After everyone left my lack of sleep really started to catch up with me and I started to feel ill, but it was all worth it.


Scott said...

I am looking forard to the weekend of football. I think my fantasy team is pretty solid... just got to stay injury free.


Mattbear said...

I am impressed you could stay up that long and still drive. These days, I'm useless if I don't get my beauty sleep.

I've been through Hermiston many times (my grandfather lives in nearby Pendleton), but never really stopped there except to get something to eat. It strikes me as a very dull town - good thing you had something to do there.