Sep 26, 2006

Cowards they are.

Breaking up is never an easy thing to do whether it be you doing the dumping or not. I have found that ending a relationship can be more difficult than being on the receiving end. Most of the time I've ended a relationship, which has been only on a few occasions, things have gone relatively smooth, but there are those occasions that make the whole process nerve racking.

Yes I've had girls that have hurled punches at me, bar themselves in front of her door so I couldn't leave, call me every name in the book, accuse me of wanting to sleep with my friends, trash talk me to my friends, threaten suicide (twice), engage in property damage, bombard my answering machine with insults, prank call me, etc. Yes those moments can make ending a relationship harrowing, but I still feel that appearing in person is always the best method however dangerous it may be.

With technology being so accessible people are bowing out of the old fashion method of breaking the news choosing to inform their significant others in ways that are far less perilous such as email, text messaging, phone, MySpace, etc. A company in Germany has decided to make it so easy to end a relationship that you won't even have to do that even.

Bernd Dressler will do the breaking up for you, for a fee. If you want to no longer speak to your intended ex you simply hire the man to appear in front of them and give them three reasons that you feel the relationship is no longer working out for you. When asked if Bernd has encountered any severe emotional breakdown because of his work he says it's never happened as he's only the messenger.

If someone could not face me and tell me themselves I'd be kind of relieved honestly. Who wants to be with someone so cowardly as to hire someone to do their dirty work for them? Then again I might not have to deal with being assaulted or have 47 messages on my answering machine with an ex hurling all sorts of obscenities, but I'll take the bruises in order to man up.

"After a fifth of vodka and a fifth of whiskey you're still a fucking asshole" - Ex-girlfriend who opined on my cell phone.

Agency makes breaking up easier

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rawbean said...

I'd be pissed off if someone did that to me (hired an agency to do the dirty work). But I agree with you, who wants to be with someone like that anyways.

I've always thought about yelling, damaging property of an ex who dumped me, but I've never done it as I know I would regret it later. The worst I've done is a late night drunken e-mail telling him I hated him.