Jun 24, 2008

Social networking with the Hoff

Ahh the beauty of online social networking. Since the creation of MySpace and Facebook denizens of internet users have utilized the sites to connect with friends, sport fuck strangers, and stalk previous lovers. Given the popularity of these and the potential to become a cash cow many companies such as Disney are creating their own clones to tap the new market. One such fine entrepreneur has decided to jump on the bandwagon as well and that gem is David Hasselhoff.

Yes the Hoff has a social networking site. I'm sure you've stopped reading at this point and went to it immediately to create your own account to enjoy the Hoffness.

As I read this important news I thought to myself what kind of social networking site would my fellow blogger buddies make? Actually if they could create their own Superpokes and Applications what would they make? Let us brainstorm shall we? (Those not on Facebook will not get this)

Blog as You Are: Throw various politician at (Superpoke) Random Poetry Generator (Application)

Caliban's Journal: Toss comic book villain at (Superpoke) Create your own super hero (Application)

Coke and Count Chocula: Dance to mildly obscure music with (Superpoke) Draw a crude cartoon and send to friends (Application)

Dennis' Broken Heart: Toss scalpel at (Superpoke) Play 'Operation' online. (Application)

Mizzle's place in the web: Slapshot with (Superpoke) Grammar 101 (Application)

Princess Kitten Speaks: Pour coffee on crotch (Superpoke) Build your own breasts (Application)

Somethings Gotta Give: Go shoe shopping with (Superpoke) Play online volleyball (Application)

The Inexcusable: Die in a fire with a member of the Bush Administration (Superpoke) Create your own survivalist compound (Application)

The Muzzy's Blog: Attack with poorly constructed lightsaber (Superpoke) Build your own phone (Application)

Accidentalpurposity: Shop for brightly colored underwear with (Superpoke) Play super mom (Application)

Foster Communications: Throw pizza at (Superpoke) Corral children on the playground (Application)

Jlee's Place: Sing karaoke with (Superpoke) Create you own music video (Application)

Life is Grand, Love is Real and Beauty is Everywhere!: Climb tall mountain with (Superpoke) Blare loud music through playlist (Application)

The Country Mouse Tales: Travel to random places with (Superpoke) Make your own mix CD (Applicaiton)

There's a Land That I See: Go to Nickleback concert with (Superpoke) Chat with boy who's crushing on you (Application)

whatigotsofar version 2.0: Throw N********k at (Superpoke) Traverse various music stores for titles you know they don't carry (Application)

Words from the Not so wise: Drink booze through a straw with (Superpoke) Play White Trash Shopping Spree at Wal-Mart game (Application)

"There are many dying children out there whose last wish is to meet me." - David Hasselhoff


Anonymous said...

You forgot to add on superpoke Kick in the taint, Cunt Punt and throw up the metal horns. Funny though :P Oh and of course I would need an all 80s music channel...

Anonymous said...

The Hoff already has 65 million registered users in Germany. Did you know that?

Miss Ash said...

What is the Hoff's site....it's not for me really....for a friend :)

As for the superpoke/application..bingo!!

JLee said...

hhaha...you know us so well, wiwille ;)

SareBeth said...

You got the booze through a straw right.
sniff.. White trash..? Even if I just get my photos developed there?

Mattbear said...

But where's Wiwille in all this?

I would say yours would be:

Criticize a perfectly good movie with (Superpoke)
Get drunk and talk about your ass (Application)