Feb 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Tomorrow is the day. Loved by those who will receive affection and hated by the lonely. Yes tomorrow is that bitter sweet Hallmark holiday. Valentine's Day is upon us.

For those of you that have someone in your life I say enjoy it. To the girls I hope you receive all the flowers and chocolates your heart will desire. For the guys I wish you all get steak and a BJ.

To the scorned and lonely I stress not to think about this corporate endorsed holiday and appreciate the people in your life who do love you. It's difficult yes, but most of us are very lucky and are quick to forget just how good we have it.

My Saturday will probably be spent nursing a hangover, just like every weekend really. I'll spend the day being grateful for all the loves in my life past and present. Considering my lifestyle I'm just glad all my organs function relatively well.

I said 'organ'.

The staff at Erik's Ramblings wish everyone a happy Valentine's Day.

"Capitalism is the legitimate racket of the ruling class." - Al Capone


Anonymous said...

And a blessed St. Valentine's Day to you.

You said 'organ'.

JLee said...

He said "organ" hehehheehhehhee
Happy VD! (not literally)

Kelli said...

Happy St. Valentine's Day. May cupid shoot you in the arse and the woman of your dreams tend to your wound.