Feb 26, 2009

Thursday Music

I never was a big Lynyrd Skynyrd fan growing up. Sure I liked maybe two songs from that group, but never gave them much of a listen. Much like the Steve Miller Band I had the one album that everyone else who showed a mild interest in them owned.

I had a friend back in the day that could be characterized as a redneck. Enjoying all things testosterone related he turned shooting soda cans into an art form. Yes my friend reveled in all things that violated most social norms and hanging with him was a treat at times. Not giving a damn at what anyone thought but the almighty him and I had great childhood memories consisting of the use of firearms, driving as if there was no tomorrow, and achieving great feats in mischief.

After activities we would take turns with the stereo. We had few similar tastes in music, but one thing we could agree on was a few Skynyrd songs. As time grew on we grew apart and I haven't heard from nor of him in years, but I miss him. His rough exterior and simpleton lifestyle was often off putting, but he was a good guy with values I'm sure even Miss Manners would approve.

So today in remembrance of an old friend I bring you Lynyrd Skynyrd:

"Oh, they didn't really put me down! But then again, maybe they did! (laughs) But not in a way that matters. Shit, I think Sweet Home Alabama is a great song. I've actually performed it live a couple of times myself." - Neil Young


JLee said...

This is one of the karaoke classics. Actually, there is one guy who sings it really well at this bar I used to go to. lol

Mattbear said...

Freeeee Biiiiird!

Sorry, had to be done.

Kelli said...

You sure do know how to pull my heartstrings. Glad I could help you relive childhood memories with my YouTube links.

Aaaah, Skynyrd.

WV: mauseff-- I'll give you a cookie and keep one for mauseff. Ha ha...