Feb 22, 2010


As most of you are probably familiar I call Seattle home. Not unlike what is depicted on Grey's Anatomy (yes I've seen that show...shutup) the weather is mostly damp with very few days of sunshine. Even when the clouds part for a bright day it rarely gets that hot here.

But in Australia....

After a nice shower I head outside and insert my feet into my flip flops. It was a scorcher of a day and I forgot that I left them out for more than two hours. My footwear burned with the intensity of hell. My feet felt like they were on hot coals and I did the most logical thing I could think of. I danced around and swore like Yosemite Sam.

"RAZZLE FRAGGIN JEP JOP JALOOP PRADDLE MUNGAR FIATU," I yelled loud enough for the entire country of Australia to hear.

I quickly take my feet out of the flip flops, but the hot cement didn't help matters. Without thinking I jumped directly into the pool, clothes and all.

Sweet relief and thankfully no one saw the stupidity I displayed. Kelly and Mark's nanny was out with the kids so I didn't scare anyone in the home at least. Still I was a little humbled by my stupidity so I climbed out of said pool soaking wet and changed into appropriate attire. I learned to dip my footwear in the water before I head out.

"Jackie Gleason said that comedy is the most exacting form of dramatic art, because it has an instant critic: laughter." - Chuck Jones

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Big Ben said...

Australia, nice. I'd like to go, but only when i can afford first class tickets. Big Ben don't fit too good in small seats for long periods of time!