Feb 24, 2010

Thursday Music. Well it's Thursday down under.

"Keep your handkerchiefs tucked in your sleeve," the guide said. "They're for if you sweat or get emotional up there."

The people gave a chuckle at the thought of someone breaking into tears at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. (BTW what the hell is up with other English speaking countries and their insistence on over use of the letter 'u'?) The guide gave us a smirk.

"Even burly Americans," she said pointing at me. "Yeah I've seen it happen."

The tour was an eclectic mix of folks from all over. Germany, Ireland, Great Britain, Korea, US, and China were all represented. The guide suited us up and we all headed to the tunnel to make the trek up 134 meters (ye gods I said 'meters') on top of a working bridge.

There was a young lad named Liam who was there by himself as well. He was a friendly chap from the UK who was on a day off from his job on a cruise ship. Liam was quick to befriend me and made sure he stood next to me in line for the next few hours of our journey across metal.

While I don't have vertigo I started to get a little wary when I first started my walk across the girder. Then I had to remind myself that I've leapt out of planes multiple times, zip lined, and jumped off cliffs before. I don't know why I felt that way as it's perfectly safe, but ever since an accident with a ladder years ago heights can take some getting used to. Still I walked on ready to experience what all the hype was about.

We finally made it to the summit and I soaked in the breathtaking view of Sydney and it's suburbs. We saw what they call the 'dark rainbow' and stood in amazement of the heavens and it's beautiful canopy over a picturesque harbor. Liam commented on how glad he was that we went and night and avoided the hot afternoon sun, but still we were a bit sweaty from the humidity and the long walk. We no longer cared about how stupid we looked in that jumpsuit nor how stinky our pits may have gotten, we were standing at the most marvelous 360 view human eyes can see.

I'll admit I did use my handkerchief. I really wished she was with me to experience all this.

The guide asked me if I was in the country to watch AC/DC. I had no idea the band was even touring while I'm here, but I did say I was a fan. She told me to throw up the horns for the pic. I complied.

Oh and Liam and the Irish girl made great drinking buddies.

So today (or night as may be in your case) I bring you more of one of the greatest white trash band ever.

"If you die I want your DVDs," - Corey


Miss Ash said...

Ha! I love the horns, nice touch! What a beautiful beautiful photo, it really is quite stunning. Sounds like you're having a great time!

Angel Chris said...

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