Feb 9, 2010


"So what does 'up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, start,' mean to you?"

"Uhhh...is it that dancing game?"

I was crushed. She was unfamiliar with the greatest video game code in existence. This will not do. This button sequence was like gold when I was young. This was the days before the internet where everyone thought it was their own little secret. Sharing the knowledge was like becoming a Mason. You could hear angels in the background chanting about your unique and special talents at Contra, one of the greatest video games for the NES.

I asked a friend if that should be a deal breaker. His response:

"I started dating xxxx because she said that Big Trouble in Little China was her favorite movie of all time. In retrospect, that's a horrible foundation to a relationship. Yes, she could quote the final lines of Blade Runner... but she was also quite psychotic."

That's sound advice. I'll let geek culture knowledge slide for the sake of my sanity.

Ladies, if you want to keep a 28-37 year old guy around a long time learn the Contra code. They'll marry you within six months. Then again said guy may have had...you know...a life when they were younger.

"So yeah, if she doesn't get NES references... do yourself a favor and never introduce her to your friends." - Alec


Kelli said...

Big Trouble is one of my favorite movies... AND, I knew the "code". I'm a geek's dream girl.

wigsf said...

Didn't that code work for all Konami NES games?

Mattbear said...

I never had an NES, or any other gaming console before the XBox. I had no idea what that "code" was all about until I was in my 30s.

Miss Ash said...

I didn't know the code *hangs head in shame*

But I did just see a funny group on FB for "When I was your age I had to blow into my video game cartridges to make them work" That made me laugh!

Mizzle said...

Not a dealbreaker, just don't expect many gaming references to be understood.