Apr 12, 2010

Wiwille, killer of wildlife

I was cleaning out my place for the upcoming move and throwing away all sorts of furniture and various items that I don't need nor want. While this seems uneventful it took a surreal turn that still rattles me.

For those of you with a sensitive constitution regarding harm towards animals I suggest you stop reading now.

I approach the dumpster with some wood from a bookshelf I just demolished and tossed it. It made a loud bang as it hit the empty garbage container which resulted in a small furry animal leaping onto the ledge of it and straight towards my face.

Fight or flight instinct set in quickly and I punched the brown ball of fur which sent it flying over the dumpster and the wall behind it. Still unsure of what it was I peeked around to see what kind of animal it was. There I see laying in the concrete a poor little squirrel who met it's untimely demise. I checked to see if it was still alive, but sadly the rodent met it's maker. I grabbed it by the tail and put it back from where it leapt from so it can begin the journey to a smelly grave.

Poor thing. The odds of that happening again are higher than WIGSF hooking up with Sarah Chalke.

"Isn't this how serial killers start?" - Corey


wigsf said...

You punched a squirrel???

Anonymous said...

I believe that's what he's trying to get across..

- sw

JLee said...

All I can say is....aawwww :(
(but you should have made a cap out of him)