Apr 14, 2010

Wiwille's moving adventure

I had to make it. Yes I must cross the Cascades.

I drove up to White Pass. It seemed simple at first, but so barren of human existence I wouldn't have been shocked at all if Grizzly Adams crossed the road with his large pet Ben. Every now and then I saw a semi drive in the opposite direction, but that got more infrequent as time passed. I then figured out why.

Snow came down all of a sudden and covered the road. This didn't concern me much as I used to ski a lot and driving in harsh conditions with a vehicle unprepared for it, but the white flakes kept dropping and the road got slicker. No big deal as I shifted low and kept a slow, but steady pace, yet it kept coming down harder. Visibility was getting more difficult as it got denser and I white knuckled the wheel.

The snow wasn't the only thing that concerned me. I must've saw a few dozen deer on the side of the road waiting for my car to pass them. All it took was one of them to jump out in front of me, resulting in a mashing of the brakes and my vehicle sliding into the mountain, or worse, off the cliff. No one would find me for hours.

I turned on the radio to get a weather report, but alas all I could get was an AM station that was broadcasting Coast to Coast. Their segment was about near death experiences and how they have proof of an afterlife. Man I hate that show. I said my quickie prayer whenever I find myself in danger.

"Please God forgive me for all my sins," rang through my head and I kept on going. Last time I said that was on my recent skydive. Funny how I become religious when I have the crap scared out of me. I thought about pulling over, but considering I was miles from anywhere that had running water or electricity I figured I best brave it over the pass. I climbed the steep road higher and higher. I tried to call friends to get an update on the weather conditions, but alas I couldn't get a signal.

Finally I reached the summit and started the trek down into the valley. It was slow moving as snow still graced the pavement, but finally I made it in clear conditions. I arrived in Yakima at four in the morning, drove into a Motel 6, and met with the security guard tasked with keeping the lodging conditions safe. He looked in my car.

"Are you moving," he asked?

"Yes," I answered. "Seattle to Dallas....yes I'm crazy....tired...need a room..."

To be continued...

"A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water." - Carl Reiner


wigsf said...

Why do I get the feeling this tale should have begun with "Concerning hobbits..."

Anonymous said...

You only drove thru it.. I live thru it for about 6 months out of the year.

Anonymous said...

You drove White Pass in the middle of the night? Death wish? What? This reminds me of my favorite trucker quote ever. Anyone who spends some quality time in commercial trucks becomes familar the the emergency exits on lengthy hills. Between Pendleton and La Grande there is a little slope called Cabbage Hill. A fellow trucker was relating to my father how he was the last truck off the hill before they closed it due to snow one season. He said he went past the emergency off ramp and it "looked like a Safeway parking lot". I laugh everytime I remember it.