Apr 15, 2010

Thursday Music

After waking up in Yakima I picked up some road grub and hit the freeway east. I decided to turn on the radio and get a feel for some of the new stations. What's most interesting about broadcast east of the Cascades is how it's so different than Seattle. A lot of the stations are either country, classic rock, Christian, or conservative talk.

The Christian stations were the most interesting as it all sounded the same to me. I seriously think religious songwriters are the laziest in the industry and that's saying quite a bit. While most modern music is redundant, worship tunes are even more generic than modern country love songs. They all have the same lyrics such as: "You are holy, you are risen, you are big, I love thee, etc".

But the real kicker was the Christian political talk radio. Hearing the callers chime in and talk about they believe our President is a Muslim/Socialist/Kenyan and will lead this world into the last days is pitiful at best. Their music is all about giving praise to God and how they can't wait for the return of the risen savior, yet they're all fearful of Christ's appearance at the same time. I don't get it.

I stopped in a Flying J, a huge truck stop chain, for gas and grub. I found a CD rack and picked up a compilation disk called 'Texas Super Hits'. I picked it up thinking I best get myself some culture of my new home before I arrive.

The cashier didn't ask if I was moving thankfully.

So today dear readers I bring you Gene Autry singing the praises of the Lonestar state:

"Gene Autry was the most. It may sound like a joke - Go and have a look in my bedroom, It's covered with Gene Autry posters. He was my first musical influence." - Ringo Starr


Claire said...

I've never heard Gene Autry before. Thanks!


JLee said...

Wow. Gene Autry. Who'dathunk? You are having quite the adventure there, Wiwille! Be safe :)

Me said...

I love Gene Autry not just as a singer but as an actor (http://www.geneautry.com/home.php). Classic country and 50's rock is all you hear at my parent's house. Could be that's because my Mom is a classic country DJ and my Dad was in a band that merged the sounds of Buddy Holly & The Crickets and The Ventures.