Jul 21, 2009


With all that's going on in the world with the health care debate, an economy in ruins, and situations boiling in the mid-east and elsewhere there's one issue that won't seem to die. Barack Obama's citizenship is something a lot of Republicans won't just let go even in the face of overwhelming evidence that's contrary to their conspiracy claims.

Many news networks are giving this story more attention than it deserves. Conspiracy theorists are incredibly vocal and even though it's been months after his inauguration nut jobs hound the courts and Congress about the President's citizenship. You may know folks who in spite of all evidence will still believe the man was born in Kenya and is a Muslim and likes to watch 'Queer as Folk' with Richard Simmons while practicing late term abortions.

Man hears what they want to hear and Birthers, as they're often referred to, will automatically assume that someone who denies their claims to be part of the large conspiracy. So if you do come across someone who buys into the idea that Barack Hussein Obama is not a natural born citizen the below points may assist you if you chose to engage in debate.

- His birth certificate, which the short form was posted by his campaign on the internet for all to see, was found to be legit by the current Republican Governor of Hawaii, the state's Health department, and it's registrar of vital statistics. The copy was not good enough for the tin foil crowd, so FactCheck.org viewed the document in person and confirmed it had all the necessary requirements for proof of citizenship such as the watermark, signature stamp, etc. It would even get him a passport. Birther's want the long form document, which required by state law to be sealed, cause I guess the entire state is in on this.
- The Honolulu Advertiser reported his birth in their announcements. To believe Obama was not born in Hawaii would be to assume that some reporter in this paper was in on this seemingly global conspiracy after Satan came to him and ordered him to falsely announce the birth of the anti-Christ to ensure his Presidency.
- Even if Barack had assumed dual citizenship from Kenya, which at the time was under British control, when he became an adult it became null and void. It's Constitution requires him to renounce any residency in any other nation.
- No one who buys into the nonsense of his lack of citizenship can explain why neither the Hillary or McCain campaign has ever made this an issue, one that may have won them the primary or general election respectively. Oh I forgot they are in on the conspiracy to raise the Dark Lord to rule the Earth. Sorry.
- Philip Berg, who's been launching numerous lawsuits about this issue that have been repeatedly thrown out of court, claims to have a recording of Obama's Grandmother who's said she was present in Kenya at the time of Barack's birth. He said he would release this tape, but has yet to do so even though it's been months since the alleged phone conversation. In this interview she makes no mention of him being born there.
- Kenya has not produced any evidence of any birth record for Barack Obama. The already mentioned Berg and WorldNetDaily.com claims that the country has all records sealed, but they both fail to mention that officials there say they have no certificates of live birth.

So in conclusion the conspiracy would require hundreds of people over decades to cover up Obama's nationality. Even leading conservatives, such as Michael Medved and Michelle Malkin think this line of reasoning is crazy. I can understand not liking the current administration and it's policies, but to distract yourself from the real issues while concentrating on this one, even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, is hurtful to your party and the process. While your enemy Barack Obama pushes legislation you don't care for you won't even notice, because you're too busy spending your time and money on this crap.

Now those who know me understand that I'm highly entertained by conspiracy theories. Hell I even believed one only because the evidence weighed heavily against the government. Sadly they admitted to wrong doing years later after everyone stopped caring. The Birthers, however; seem to not give a damn about little things called facts. This has gone beyond amusing to sad.

Ockham's Razor should apply at some point.

"Crazy, nutburger, demagogue, money-hungry, exploitative, irresponsible, filthy conservative imposters" who are "the worst enemy of the conservative movement" and "make us look sick, troubled and not suitable for civilized company." - Michael Medved on the Birther movement.


Miss Ash said...

It's amazing how much energy is wasted on such mindless things. If people put half of that energy (bitching, complaining, trying to uncover non existant conspiracies)into something productive the world would be a much greater place.

Big Ben said...

I think they check these things before they let people become president.

I'm totally scared of these Americans!

Mattbear said...

The news giving coverage to a bullshit topic that doesn't deserve it? Republican fundies ignorantly believing patently false stories?

I may die from not-surprise.