Aug 8, 2011

It's done.

The time was approaching and we couldn't hold out any longer. The nursery needs to be complete. So my wife and my mother in-law decided to go all Dutch Boy and make the baby's room look like a place inhabited by a wee one.
It's amazing to me that something so small can gather so much attention...and stuff. Our home is already littered with baby items, from diapers to bouncies to new furniture to onesies. We have been inundated with generosity from friends and family who can't help themselves but to buy cute little items, which my wife and I do appreciate.
Last week the girls got their creative streak on and made the room look better than I ever expected. All I had to do was spray paint some blocks, hang some shelves, draw some lines, nail up a frame, and run an errand or two. Whenever the females in my life have a project in front of them, they work around the clock to complete it, and make sure it's done right. I couldn't be happier with the results.
"The most important part of education is proper training in the nursery." - Plato


Anonymous said...

All you need is a crib and a baby-sized muzzle and the nursery will be complete!

Miss Ash said...

You must be getting excited! All of the baby stuff makes it real if you know what I mean!

Kelli said...

Yea!! I'm so excited for you guys!! Out of curiosity, where are you registered?

Wiwille said...

We're registered at Babies R Us.