Aug 25, 2011

Thursday Music

You have to have a cold black heart to not enjoy the Muppets. Actually if you claim to care nothing for the amusing puppets you're either lying or you were breast fed by a heroin addicted wet nurse.

I, like most of my generation, enjoy the Muppets in most of the incarnations. From "The Great Muppet Caper" to "The Dark Crystal", I rarely grow tired of the talents of Jim Henson and Frank Oz.

What I've always wanted to witness was how an agent approached their talent about going on the Muppet Show. I would just like to look at the face of Elton John or Dolly Parton when they were told they'd be performing amongst a bunch of puppets. I mean sure kids make a great market, but I can't imagine anyone really demanded to be singing alongside Fozzy Bear, but I've been wrong before.

With the newly released Muppets album the furry creatures seem to be in the consciousness again and that's a good thing. Still the younger generation may not remember some of the song choices back in the day. I remember my Dad didn't seem that happy that Gonzo was involved in one of his favorite songs, which I'll share with you below:

"When I record somebody else's song, I have to make it my own or it doesn't feel right. I'll say to myself, I wrote this and he doesn't know it!" - Johnny Cash

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