Aug 2, 2011

Because polio is a better option.

The state of Washington has made me glad I moved. Today I learned that Washington leads the nation in parents opting out of vaccines for their children. So basically the state I used to reside in is full of selfish, ill-informed folks who will gladly put the public at risk of serious illness.

Dr Andrew Wakefield's 1998 study that tries to link vaccines to autism has been discredited many times over, but the damage has been done. Jenny McCarthy now leads a movement in the US trying to spread misinformation as she believes Wakefield is correct. Many find the former Playmate to be correct in her findings for reasons I can't understand nor explain, so in turn those parents decide not to vaccinate their children.

Since then McCarthy and her followers have contributed to numerous outbreaks of preventable diseases in Europe and the US. Some of have paid the ultimate price for the negligence of parents and the stupidity of our celebrity culture.

Any parent not willing to vaccinate their child can die in a fire. I know it's courteous to respect the wishes of parents, but why? If I see a parent driving down the freeway at 100 mph in a Yugo with no doors with their child in their lap and a cigarette in one hand I would gladly report that behavior to the authorities. Choosing not to vaccinate your own children is worse as it not only helps prevent the spread of curable diseases, it puts infants and seniors at risk.

People who believe in Wakefield think that correlation is equal to causation, which any middle school pupil could tell you is ridiculous. There's been no scientific evidence that any vaccine causes autism. None. People who claim they're 100% certain that vaccines are bad claim to have done their research, a mantra they beat into the skeptics. If they were honest they'd tell you that the only amount of research they've done is believing the information that backs up their world view and passing off the evidence that states otherwise as part of some conspiracy, something they can't prove at all. Parents like them have abandoned critical thinking and are acting like Truthers, but claim they feel empowered by thinking for themselves. In reality all they can do is quote Dr Mercola and his quack ilk.

I really want to punch people who think it's OK to not vaccinate their child and put my yet to be born infant at risk. We ask our community to step in whenever a parent puts a child at risk, so why not do the same when it comes to deadly diseases?

"Some people feel we're the enemy because we're not vaccinating," - Maria Rippo.

WA leads nation in parents opting out of vaccines


Alec said...

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many cases of autism are really caused by oxygen deprivation due to bad parents slightly smothering a crying baby then not copping to it because it would well, show them to be bad parents then claim "It must be the vaccine doing it."

But what the hell do I know?

Mattbear said...

Agree completely. I have a couple of friends who believe this bullshit and haven't vaccinated their kid. On top of that, they keep posting their anti-vaccine bullshit on Facebook. Every time they do, I have to count to 10 and remind myself that I should not call them idiots, because they are my friends, and are otherwise decent people.

Miss Ash said...

Every year I give to a charity to vaccinate children in Africa. It shocked and saddened me to see people crawling around on the street due to polio and other such preventable diseases over there. And we have those vaccines right at our fingertips, I can't imagine why people would not want to take advantage.