Jun 13, 2012

Individually they're the same, collectivley they're different

So folks keep asking me what's so different about Dallas than Seattle. Well as to be expected there are many, but I'll list a few that I've observed:

The people:
Dallas: The folks are very friendly, open, and engaging, except when they step in their cars. Then they're a bunch of assholes.
Seattle: People are usually standoffish, can be rude, but when they're behind the wheel of a car they're normally polite.

Dallas: People drive as if terrorists are chasing them, except when it rains. Then they decided that 20 mph is too fast. The drivers are impolite, and think allowing someone to merge is akin to letting them sleep with their spouse.
Seattle: People find it a mortal sin to do the speed limit, and feel obligated to go at least 10 mph under said speed limit no matter the weather or the amount of cars on the road.

Dallas: Natives enjoy a variety of sports ranging from golf to MMA. Usually the fans are well versed in the sports they watch.
Seattle: You'll be hard pressed to find a Seahawk fan that can explain the difference between a 3-4 defense and a 4-3 defense. Oh and the city thinks because it's in love with soccer, so is the rest of the country. Also, the city is upset about losing a NBA team they never really liked in the first place.

Dallas: Dallas offers some of the finest steaks, hamburgers, and Mexican food I've ever had, and that's of little surprise. Lacking is their Asian cuisine and seafood, for obvious reasons.
Seattle: Outside of southeast Asia you'll be hard pressed to find better Asian food. The seafood is amazing and you'll find a Thai and/or Pho restaurant on every block.

Dallas: It's normally either really friggin hot, or really cold. There's one month of spring and one month of fall.
Seattle: It drizzles all the damn time.

Dallas: It's about as lovely as a Mad Max film.
Seattle: It has natural splendor that few can match.

Facebook posters:
Dallas: People find nothing wrong with posting all sorts of conservative biased links on FB, but find those who post liberal biased information as pretentious.
Seattle: People find nothing wrong with posting all sorts of liberal biased links on FB, but find those who post conservative biased information as pretentious.

Dallas: Assumes everyone they meet are conservatives.
Seattle: Assumes everyone they meet are liberals.

Seattle: People save up money for years to spend a ridiculous amount on a small home.
Dallas: People save up money for years to spend a ridiculous amount on plastic surgery.

Seattle: When people ask for a soda, they use it's proper name.
Dallas: Every soda, up to and including Tab, is referred to as a coke.


wigsf3 said...

Thank you. I found this very helpful.
Vacation in Dallas and avoid Seattle like the plague. Gotcha. Again, thank you very much.

Miss Ash said...

I would stay in Seattle based purely on the food choices you've listed...though I do love the Dallas Cowboys....