Jun 26, 2012

Screw you skinny!

Canada sometimes surprises me. A country known the world over for being polite, inclusive, and generally not as cantankerous as their neighbors to the south, Canada has a lot of qualities one could hope for in a state its size, but yet there are stories that would make you swear it could only happen in Florida.

Take Vancouver for example, a beautiful, clean city that's safe and has a lot of things to do. Rarely does it make international news, but now it has a gym that's made headlines, for keeping out skinny people. To be fair, there's also one in Nebraska that's owned by former "The Biggest Loser" contestants.

Accordingly heavier people feel shamed when going into a gym with a bunch of members that are in shape, so they want a better camaraderie and exercise with those who have the same body type. I've heard of fat people being ridiculed or put down because of their weight at a gym, but I've never witnessed it, or have I been subject to it thankfully. Still I'm sure it happens and I guess these kinds of gyms would be popular to those who aren't used to working out regularly.

You know what? I really don't care that they discriminate. Yes it's weird and if a gym only sold memberships to skinny people there would be outrage, and rightfully so. So yeah, it's a total double standard, but one that's encouraging people to get in shape. I really can't be against that.

Still there are some questions to ponder about the wisdom of this:

1.      What happens if a member loses the weight and become skinny? Will they have their membership revoked?
2.      Isn't working out around people who know what they're doing a good thing?
3.      Does having skinny people around amount to good motivation to do a few extra sets?
4.      Should this be legal even if it's harmless, sort of like ladies never paying a cover charge?
5.      Is this really necessary? I mean is there that much taunting at the gym?
Perhaps none of this will ever be answered, even if this business model works, which I hope it does.

“My whole life, I have always wished there was a place for other big people. So I created one.” - Marty Wolff


wigsf3 said...

Canadians are not as friendly as the stereotype states. We're pricks. We suck.
Honestly, Americans are friendlier.

Claire said...

What a strange business model. I've been taunted at the gym, sure, but that wasn't because the people name-calling were skinny. It's because they were dicks!

Miss Ash said...

I suppose it would be a more comfortable environment for some larger people however I have never witnessed any discrimination of such people at the gym. I actually find gym folk rather helpful (except for the douchebag who wouldn't help me get my lock off!