Jun 18, 2012

Wiwille gives generously

Friends of my wife and I bought us, and a few other friends, tickets to attend a fundraiser for a large charity. I really didn't know what to expect as any charity event I've been to was held at a local auction hall or school gymnasium, but this was supposed to be quite the ball, and a gala it was. It was held not too far from downtown Dallas and was located in a area I imagine was normally reserved for small club shows, but that night there was a band playing a mix of whatever the hell they wanted. The joint threw up a Mardi Gras theme and we were given beads, but it seems no one was interested in seeing my moobs.

This was the turf of folks who are well acquainted in the art of making money. We're talking entrenpenuers who made their fortune in ridiculous service fees, athletes, and what I imagine are a lot of trust fund kids. Money flowed abound, and we were served a decedent meal that most of the world's population will never have the experience of eating anything like it.

We were assigned a table, based on the amount of the ticket we purchased. We were sectioned off from the higher money tables. Speeches were given about how important the charity was and the open bar ensured we all found them entertaining. The band played for a bit while we all ate, and four women decided to get up on stage with them and dance. As expected, there was one huge girl wearing a skirt so short that her moves made sure we saw her funny business. I paid it little mind as this may be the only time she could dance on an elevated platform without being booed off, or be forcibly removed by a bouncer.

The auction took place and various items were being bid for. The lead auctioneer announced that she wanted to raise $50k in five minutes, which was successful. It kind of amazed me that people who seemed so willing to give to charity seemed also to have to be wined and dined in opulence to let out their generous side.

I felt almost a pinch of lower middle class guilt, where I couldn't fathom dropping thousands into a charity. I actually wished I made more if only I could give more back to the society that allowed me my comfortable life.

It would've been easy to make fun of the crowd, but really I have to remind myself that the rest of the world looks at my lifestyle as luxurious and can't imagine my family ever wanting for anything. If I had been born in most other areas of the planet Earth I'd just salivate with envy. Besides, a charity was benefiting from the botox Republicans, and I can't find anything wrong with that.

"A bone to the dog is not charity. Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when you are just as hungry as the dog." - Jack London

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Miss Ash said...

At least the money went to a good cause! Your description of the woman and her "funny business" made me laugh as per usual!