Aug 23, 2012

Deep in the crazy heart

Since living in Texas I've grown accustom to being the butt of many jokes about my new home. Granted some of it's warranted, as this state does elect some of the dumbest governors in our nation's history, and with an ego that would rival that of any rock star it's an easy target when a citizen does something stupid. There are just as many nut job, self described rednecks in the Pacific Northwest as their are in the Lone Star State, but here we elect them to positions of power.

Yes Texas asks its residents to elect their judges and I would imagine most just vote down party lines. Come to think of it, I can't recall the name of any of the judges I voted for in the last election, as I just briefly looked at the voting pamphlet bio of each of them to help formulate my decision. Any of the judges I elected could spend their spare time rubbing their genitals on random car door handles, but I would be none the wiser.

In West Texas, their exists a county called Lubbock, which you've probably never heard of. Still a presiding judge, Tom Head, there took his political views to the airwaves to talk about raising taxes. Now asking for a tax hike in Texas seems as politically responsible as campaigning in Harlem in black face, but this man has his reasons. He thinks the county of Lubbock needs to prepare for civil war against Obama and the United Nations, who for some reason is going to turn over the sovereignty of this country to the UN, because the President doesn't need the approval of Congress anymore, men wearing funny looking blue helmets will march on this nation and will occupy Lubbock, because Lubbock's a strategic place of course.

As most conspiracy theorists, Judge Head considers himself the center of the universe, that everyone's after him because he's so knowledgeable and informed about matters the rest of us sheeple can't comprehend. So of course he makes up these paranoid delusions of civil unrest after an election, which people have predicted since, oh I don't know, since at least as long as I've been alive and of course have been wrong every single time. This man though is an elected official wanting to raise tax payer dollars to prepare for a civil war that will never happen, even though I'm willing to be he secretly wants it to. Conspiracy theorists hate being wrong, even though they always are. Oh and he probably believes in nonsense about Agenda 21.

So people have another reason to laugh at Texas and the sad part is, he'll probably be reelected.

"And the sheriff, I've already asked him, I said 'you gonna back me' he said, 'yeah, I'll back you'. Well, I don't want a bunch of rookies back there. I want trained, equipped, seasoned veteran officers to back me." - Tom Head

Lubbock Co. Judge warns of potential danger if Obama is re-elected

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Miss Ash said...

I had no idea that you elected your judges, that's interesting. Ours are appointed and some are OLD and still going strong.