Aug 15, 2012

The grown ups are talking

In every community there exists people who would wish harm to the public good to help feed their own persecution complex. Anti-vaxxers have helped children die from completely avoidable diseases, and if some have their way, the entire DFW area would die from contracting the West Nile Virus.

For whatever reason the Dallas area, aka the Metroplex, has seen 200 cases of the deadly virus which has killed as many as 10. As usual, the elderly and the infants are the most vulnerable, so the area responded by trying to kill mosquitoes that carry it. Seems like a reasonable solution to fight an infectious plague, but some in the area don't see it that way.

Many are worried about the government's response to West Nile Virus, as the cities are spraying the entire area with a compound that kills mosquitoes, including that of local officials. Based on the scientific analysis of the researchers at the Pull-it-out-of-your-ass Institute, they're concerned that they may get sick and die from the spraying. This chemical has been used for over twenty years in populous areas such as Sacramento and even New York City without incident. So twenty years of data of using this spray on areas that include millions of people without a single fatality, or any serious incident at all, and people would rather be all paranoid and risk this deadly disease spreading to many more people, because they're stupid.

Even a Dallas City Councilman expressed concern about the imagined effects of the spray, because he hates science I guess. He'd rather see grandpa and little baby Annie die a most miserable death, because some of his constituents are paranoid nut jobs who called his office screaming about the conspiracy of poisoning the good people of North Texas.

In the fine tradition of Texan slang, I say fuck all y'all. If you're worried about the spray, move your happy ass somewhere else and keep your neurosis out of the public scientific discourse. Seriously, if you don't know what you're talking about, there's no shame in shutting the hell up while grown ups talk.

"Since public safety is my No. 1 job, I think it’s paramount to step up to the plate and say we need to do this." - Dallas Mayor

Dallas approves aerial spraying to fight West Nile


wigsf3 said...

In recent years I've noticed a surge in your posts against people who dislike modern science/medicine. Why?

Greg Saum said...

Exactly. This is the same mentality of people who refuse to vaccinate their children against dangerous diseases. Frankly, as one of those people who is against those who dislike modern medicine, I hope you continue the trend.

Anonymous said...

You know, after reading this, my FB quote I posted today is even more relevant ;)