Aug 29, 2012

Musings on Star Trek: TNG

This may surprise some of you, but I've never seen much of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I tried when it first aired, but I didn't care for the first season and gave up. Years later I tried again as a friend gave me his collection of VHS tapes of all recorded seasons, but I never spent the time as I couldn't bear getting through the first season again.

Still, I caught a few seasons here and there, usually when I was bored and nothing else was on. I watched all four of The Next Generation films, and hated each and every one of them. Something compelled me to give it another go, so I did, thanks to Netflix streaming all Star Trek shows. After quite some time I finally finished the show yesterday.

I kind of wished I would've given the show more of a chance when I was younger, as I may have had fonder memories of the epic series. When it came time for the third season, the writing improved dramatically to where it almost seemed like a different program. It got progressively better, till it peaked in the fifth season, with such iconic episodes as The Inner Light and I, Borg. Yet I still enjoyed the sixth and seventh seasons immensely, especially Chain of Command part 1 and 2, and upon its end I wanted more stories of the Enterprise crew. Oh, Ashley Judd was hot in the two episodes she was in.

I guess my geek cred has become more solid now that I've finished one of the most important sci-fi programs in television history, but yet I've still got a long way to go. Sure I've made it through BSG both old and new, Firefly, and even Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (god help me), but I still have all the Stargate series, Babylon 5, Deep Space 9, Voyager, and Enterprise to sit through to proclaim myself a true dork.

"I am not the archetypal leading man. This is mainly for one reason: as you may have noticed, I have no hair." - Patrick Stewart

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