Jul 15, 2008

Ralph Nader has gone batshit

Ralph Nader, once a Robin Hood like hero to the left, now a thorn in the side of everyone who anticipated Bush losing the election in 2000. Unable to forgive his participation in the democratic process liberals have all but forgiven the consumer advocate's role in helping Bush get elected, or at least they like to forget he even existed at all.

Myself I do hold some respect for the man. No one can doubt that he's a big reason why our products have been safer. Mothers can feel safer that their precious little snowflake is all buckled safely in their car seat and we can rest soundly now that phones aren't radiating us thanks to his efforts. I don't blame him for costing Gore the election since really the only one to blame for that is Al himself.

Now the man everyone loves to hate has gone completely nuts. Not only is he still insisting on running for president, but he's now debating a dummy. Seriously he's debating a Charlie McCarthy type puppet. The lifeless body will answer as if he were one of the major candidates while Nader rails against corporate interests.

I see what he's doing here, but man how the mighty have fallen.

"Turn on to politics, or politics will turn on you." - Ralph Nader


Miss Ash said...

Nader has a muppet??

Anonymous said...

Too bad it isn't lambchop. I would take that far more seriously ;)

Anonymous said...

Makes sense, the current president is a puppet, right?

Claire said...

Crazy. But I kind of wish one of our politicians would try it!


JLee said...

I think I like him BECAUSE he's weird ;)
(I thought Howard Dean's wrestler like antics were awesome)