Jul 14, 2008

Wiwille is offensive

I was reading an article about the Coalition of Fat Rights Activists (Cofra) and how they are upset with the latest Pixar film Wall-E. According to Cofra they feel the anti-consumer message went too far in portraying the future of mankind as a bunch of gluttonous obese people who allow technology to take care of each and every need they may have.

They go a step further in stating that the stereotype of obese people being lazy and/or stupid is wrong and hurtful. Now even though I'm unattractive and chunky I have no idea what it's like to be Marlon Brando huge. I sympathize with the fat folk, even though they might consume in one meal what the entire country of Zaire eats in one day, but that's not for me to judge one way or another as I shouldn't care. I hear a lot of research that the heavy folk are just as healthy as the skinny so I guess you should stop prodding them with a stick. If being a fatty boom-ba-laddie is indeed a genetic problem and not a lifestyle choice, as some researches concluded, then it's unfair to indeed make fun of them.

That being said I feel we should teach our children that consuming fast food and not exercising will turn you in a big fat ass that would be unable to do a simple task such as bending over to pick up keys and Wall-E did exactly that in a humorous fashion. Bravo to Pixar I say.

Actually the film should've taken it a step further and shown resentment to people who drive mini-vans, those who enjoy Patch Adams, and the popsicle guy.

BTW I caught him this morning watching Full House. He must be stopped at all costs.

"There's a lot more to life than how fat or thin you are." - Kirstie Alley


WIGSF (founder & president of L.A.R.D.A.S.S.) said...

I had to type this comment with a dialing wand as my fingers are too fat to use a keyboard.

Fat people are still people. They need love and caring and anything skinny people need. But they also need more food. Therefore they purchase more food and stimulate the economy more. So, I say fat people should be given more power than skinny people.
I, as leader of the League of Astronomically Rotund Dudes And Stout Signoras, am now officially declaring war on skinny people. Well, not now, maybe after lunch.

Princess Kitten said...

Well, personally, as a fatty boom-ba-laddie, fat folk, aka big fat ass, yes you are being VERY offensive and hypocritical. But, just like everyone else, you have a right to your opinion and you are right, if you eat to much and are lazy, you get fat. That is usually the case, but not always.

Some of us just have to work a whole HELL of a lot harder to maintain a smaller figure as we ARE genetically fated to be "fat folk" I certainly don't consume a countries daily food in one meal, nor in a week for that matter. Yet, I still struggle with weight. The only way I can maintain the size 8 that I was in 2 years ago is to eat less than 1000 calories a day. When I eat a healthy amount of food, I usually stay around size 12/14.

In regards to people being offended by a movie, that's just ridiculous. It's a movie.

Mizzle said...

Are you saying that fat people drive Minivans? I used to drive a mini-van, saying something about me?

Claire said...

I really want to see WallE


Anonymous said...

Really opened a can of worms there, didn't you, boyo? Way to touch on THE sensitive topic for 99.9% of the women in this country-egged on by a bazillion diet fads, trillions of commercials and a decades of prejudice. When the Renoir woman comes back into fashion, you'll get yours.... ; )

Wiwille said...

Anon - I usually don't respond to comments on issues such as these as I like to give readers the last word, but I'm kinda perplexed by your thoughts.

Yes I did open a can of worms; however in no way is it gender specific. It is sensitive yes, and as I clearly stated in my blog I sympathize with those who can't keep their weight down as I have difficulty doing so myself. In fact if you've ever read my blog before you would know that I hope and pray for the days of the Renoir women to come back. Although how I'll get mine when that happens is unclear.

I'm not sure exactly what your point is. Maybe you took offense to the language, which is fair.

Anonymous said...

Be not perplexed. No, you were not gender specific, however one of the three genders (male, female, hermaphrodite)that being the fems, have it in them practically hardwired at this point to be sensitive about every possible extra ounce of weight. Can o' worms, man. Also, the wink at the end of the comment was supposed to convey humor. (Alack and alas the keyboard has failed me again...) I certainly hope you get your Renoir woman.

Mattbear said...

Speaking as someone who does have a genetic predispensation for being fat, added to by (more than one) abdominal surgery which makes it harder to lose fat in that area, I say it's still my fault that I am fat.

I know that, I accept that. I may have to work harder than other people to keep my weight down, but that's still my problem and my responsibility. I accept responsibility for the fact that I am fat, and I'm trying to do something about it because it is unhealthy, and in my case very unattractive (not sure I can do anything about my attractiveness, no matter how much weight I lose).

The "fat" message was actually one of the few parts of Wall-E I actually liked.

JLee said...

I agree with Mattbear, that is was more of a warning message that is overly dramatized for humor (it is an animated film) Even though I have formerly suffered with an eating disorder and have been overweight, I did not find it offensive.

Pablo G said...

Yo Quiero BBW !!!