Apr 20, 2009

Road trip

"You know what Corey?" I said. "I'm really disappointed that C Thomas Howell didn't have a bigger career."

"Seriously dude," he replied. "I have no idea where that came from. That's one of the most random things I've ever heard you say."

That's saying quite a bit.

Friday afternoon him and I pile into his car to make the few hour journey to Spokane to visit Eli's folks. The drive through the mountains was beautiful and we had a good time with some guy talk. While a lot of our conversations are normally political we quickly delved into the really important topics.

"You know who I now find really hot," he said? "It just hit me like a ton of bricks. I never understood what you saw in her before, but now I think she's smoking."

"Who?" I asked.

"Heather Graham," he replied. "I started looking up the American Woman video and stuff. She..is..hot."

I'm glad my friend has seen the light.

After more hours of driving and random conversations we finally arrive to Spokane, but had no idea where we were going as we got quite a head start on Eli and Andrea. So we're in a strange town with no idea where our intended destination was. Where do we go? A bar of course.

Finally the girls show up and we followed them to Eli's folks. Her parents greeted us at the door at some unholy hour and made us feel very welcome. They have a beautiful home with a spectacular view that I got to soak in for an hour before bedtime.

The following day we consumed a great breakfast and headed out to Cordelain Idaho. A beautiful town it is. We strolled along their main drag till Corey came up to me.

"Did you see that?" he asked with a giddy smile.

"No," I said. "What?"

"Eli's Dad and I just watched that cute biker chick flash her boyfriend."

Note to self: Never walk at a brisk pace past a bar occupied by motorcycle enthusiasts.

Corey later started to ask Don if he witnessed the same event. The conversation went:

"So sir I have to ask. Did you see...."

"....yes I did."

It's amazing how men communicate about topless women.

We follow the ladies into art galleries and antique stores which was more fun than I assumed it would be. I came across a painting that almost moved me to tears. Since I had friends around I held my composure of course. Can't have anyone thinking that I'm sensitive pony tail man without the bad hair. I've got a reputation to uphold after all. I seriously considered purchasing it even with the six thousand dollar price tag.

Browsing the antique stores was fun and depressing at the same time. I realized that a lot of the toys I played with as a child are now considered old enough to collect dust in someones shop. This was not something I would expect at my age, but I guess I can't fight the fact that I'm growing older.

As I looked in the cases I saw a salt and pepper shaker set that my parents owned when I was little. I hadn't thought of them in years, but I instantly recognized them.

I doubt the NAACP would approve of my parents' choice in dispensers.

Later that evening we had a great dinner and Eli's father gave us free reign of his liquor. He obviously never understood how much the four of us can put down. It was a fun time as each of us took turns looking up music on Corey's Iphone and playing it for all to hear.

Yes I did choose Poison's 'Fallen Angel' once. I was drunk. Deal with it.

Corey came across an interesting choice and it's pretty good, well at least for the first couple of verses.

The next day we toured around Spokane Falls which was very impressive. As mature adults we rode the carousel and caught the rings. We even took a cool gondola ride over the falls.

Next up on the agenda was house hunting. Everyone was curious about the market in the area so we drove around and did some pricing. All of us saw some beautiful homes at very affordable rates. Most of these homes would go for triple the prices in Seattle.

Corey suggested that him and I move there, pretend we're a gay couple, and buy one of these palaces as we can definitely afford it. I didn't have the heart to tell that he would so be the bitch.

It actually got me to thinking about my place in life. I live way under my means, cause I don't feel the need to live the high life without sharing it with somebody. And that's the problem. I'm 34 years old and still no one has thought it was a good idea to be my bride. Melancholy thoughts started swimming through my head and as enjoyable as the time was I felt rather down.

That all changed when we got back to Eli's folks and ate another amazing home cooked meal. The drive home was long and exhausting and it's taking it's toll on me today, but it was certainly worth it.

"Most common were the mammy and tom caricatures, whose simple, desexualized appearance suggested trustworthiness in areas of domestic & servant labor. Other items reflected the mainstream acceptance of the derogatory coon caricature. Racist cookie jars, salt & pepper shakers, and many other household items can still be found in many older American households today." - Authentichistory.com


rawbean said...

Those salt and pepper shakers are so NOT PC....whoah. America amazes me sometimes.

Kelli said...

It amazes me ... out of all the great things you said. The S&P shakers were the focus?

I'm glad you had a good time ... you definitely needed it! You should've bought the painting & maybe should think about taking Corey up on his offer. I think a change of scenery would do you some good.

Mattbear said...

I think you meant Couer d'Alene, not Cordelain. But I could be wrong.

I've only been to anti-Seattle once, but I like it. It's a nice town. I made a point of going to Riverfront Park because a book some friends gave me talked about the giant Radio Flyer there. The gondola ride was awesome too.

You should be proud of yourself for living "under" your means - I've never mastered that, and it causes me no end of heartache.

Don't give up hope. She's out there. And you'll find her.

Miss Ash said...

Why don't you purchase a print of the painting?? Much cheaper but you still have the beauty in your place.

There are no words for those shakers.....

wigsf said...

Diggstown... Heather Graham with a southern accent...

JLee said...

That sounds like SO much fun and I'll bet the scenery was gorgeous. Can I come next time???? Please?? haha
I really like that "Hey Ya" cover. Cool.