Apr 23, 2009

Thursday Music

Whenever I hear a clip of a song or something spawns to my memory I let the power of Youtube compel me. Finding most music is a pretty simple task; however with some older music it's not that easy. Sure I can find anything done by Quiet Riot within a few clicks, but when I want to listen to something older or more obscure I have to be patient.

Why is it that Youtube users feel compelled to post numerous videos of the C&C Music Factory? Is it because they're mastery and full of jams that have to be pumped....

I can't believe I remember that.

I heard an old Dinah Washington song on some commercial the other day and thought it would be a great addition to Thursday Music. After much searching the best I could come up with is some Harry Potter video set to the tune. Not only that, but whoever posted it felt compelled to start it with another more popular song of hers. I'm not sure why either.

Still it's worth a listen. So today folks I bring you 'Relax Max'.

"There is only one heaven, one earth and one queen (me) Queen Elizabeth is an impostor." - Dinah Washington


Claire said...

That quote = actual awesome.


Kelli said...

That's pretty much my favorite song of hers. I still can't help but randomly burst out with "RELAX MAX" occasionally. It was recently on a commercial for some hotel ... commercials, bringing music once forgotten to the masses.