Apr 9, 2009

Thursday Music

This year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees have been announced and as usual nobody is happy with the results. With Run DMC, Jeff Beck, and Metallica being honored, fans of modern music are constantly whining about their own favorites that they claim need to be put on the pedestal.

Music, like any art, is subjective and rock and roll is constantly appealing to the lowest common denominator of aesthetic values. In my opinion any Hall of Fame for music is completely worthless and juvenile, but that still won't stop Rush and Stevie Ray Vaughn fans from bellyaching.

Does anyone remember the 200+ Kiss fans who protested a couple years ago claiming the gimmicky act was deserving of being noted as good musicians? Seriously. These people took time from their lives to display their passion for a band who can hardly play. Imagine if that energy was directed elsewhere, like something that actually matters?

Yeah I don't get why Run DMC is being honored when many bands are being overlooked, but really it won't make any difference in my enjoyment of them. Unlike professional athletes it's not like these musicians can't continue their careers. I'm not sure what the induction process is, but I'd be fine with the institution simply not existing.

You'll all agree with me when Nickleback gets in there. Yes you know it'll happen.

I played pub trivia the other night where they had a section which they played either Beethoven or Mozart and you had to guess which composed the piece. My friend commented on how the music industry would never support anything like this today. I disagreed. The record labels would certainly dish out any work like this if only the public would be interested. Instead music fans continue to purchase the Jonas Brothers and claim the Dave Matthews Band to be geniuses. Sigh.

Okay enough ranting. I'll just post some Beethoven, which I used to blare in my car while traveling at high speeds.

"Art! Who comprehends her? With whom can one consult concerning this great goddess?" - Ludwig van Beethoven


wigsf said...

R&R HOF means nothing. Clapton has been inducted 3 times and this is what, number 2 for Beck.
How can you be inducted multiple times into a HOF?

Kelli said...

I agree with WIGSF. I love Clapton, don't get me wrong! He's more a blue's man, not rock 'n roll. I do love Metallica and their early stuff is indeed worthy of praise. Yay, S&M album. I'm baffled by Run DMC, aren't they rap artists? Is rap now considered rock? I'm confused by the selection criteria.

Mattbear said...

The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame is a privately owned institution, so the pick ultimately is just up to the dude who runs it. It doesn't mean much, but hey, it's a nice feather in the cap of those who get recognized by it and I myself would love to visit it sometime.

Ultimately, no award means anything. It's just nice for an artist to get a little extra validation. But it's nothing to get up in arms about.

Except Rush. Those fuckers don't deserve anything but a kick in the nuts.

I hate Rush.

Claire said...

Beethoven to drive to? Oh man, I think I just fell a little bit in love with you there, sir.


JLee said...

I love that idea of classical music trivia! That kind of talent is so rare in music today. My mom used to play opera when we were young and I actually like a lot of it too.

Miss Ash said...

I do like me some Metallica but I could really care less about the Hall of Fame and if they are inducted or not, or if anyone else is for that matter. If I like listening to something then I like listening to it, reagardless of what anyone else thinks.