Apr 27, 2009

Wiwille sings...again...

Amy's birthday. Historically it's always been a fun event and this year was no different. Corey, Eli, and myself joined her for her favorite activity ever and that is karaoke.

Yes I said karaoke.

The four of us enter Pegasus restaurant and immediately soaked in the atmosphere. It's a small bar with an eclectic group representing all sorts of racial and economic classes. There were forty somethings wearing jean shorts and t-shirts displaying corny humor, young adults with well pressed shirts, chunky females with tight fitting clothing, and various types of cougars.

The diversity of the crowd was amazing. All were represented there and were ready to set aside the drudgery of their daily lives to have their moment to shine. This was karaoke.

Amy is a regular there and knew everyone in the bar and I got to meet some interesting folk. One man who stood out was in his mid 50s, long stringy hair and an unkempt beard, skinny frame, and he had the look of someone who owned and cherished each and every Foghat album. He wore a Jack Daniels t-shirt with a slogan on the back that stated "Support Southern Rock". He called himself Southern Rocker Bill and introduced himself as such as he kept his gaze never far from Eli's cleavage.

Yes he sang some Skynyrd.

As we drank more and made conversation one gentleman decided to sing Duran Duran's 'Hungry Like the Wolf'. It was a horrible rendition as he was constantly two lines behind and it sounded awful. What we failed to realize is that the man was disabled until Amy told us. We felt like we were going to hell making fun of it, but she looked at me and told me to think of it like my old friend Kevin and how he used to sing his crowd pleasing renditions of Sinatra tunes. I would have given anything right then to see him sing once again.

I miss you Kevin.

Given the guy's lack of talent he was still having a great time and it was nice to see. The bar sang along with him, granted at a better pace, and he smiled as he handed the mic back to the DJ.

Amy sang quite a few songs and did quite well, but when she asked us if we would sing none complied. Knowing full well that there was not a chance Eli or Corey would grab the mic I decided that enough alcohol was flowing through me. I open the lists of songs and browse through.

Oh man they have it. This may not go over well. Eh I’ll do it anyways.

I hand the slip to the DJ and after some time he announces that it’s my time to come and holler. Long time readers will probably guess what I sang, but for those who are new to ‘One Bad Apple’ I’ll just display the song below:

Most got a good laugh out of it after the initial shock. It seemed to go over well.

Finally the DJ stated the amateur renditions of pop songs would be over for the night and invited us to come again. Then he started playing the Numa Numa song which sent many to start throwing their arms in the air and copying their favorite internet celebrity.

An older lady came up to me and punched me in the arm.

“What was that for?” I asked.

“Who knew?” she replied.

“Knew what?”

“That you could sing!”

“Eh, I did.”

She just walked off.

People paid their tabs and made their way out of the establishment. The night was done and good times were had by many. I looked at Eli and Corey and just realized we sat through an entire night of karaoke for our friend Amy. In a self congratulatory fashion I declared us the best friends ever.

“If people can watch this new video, enjoy it and get a laugh out of it, then I’m happy with that.” - Gary Brolsma


wigsf said...

Like the time my cousin did Insane in the Brain and he emphasized the n-word and the drug references.

Miss Ash said...

Ha I love it!! Quite the shocker I'd imagine. I've been a handful of times to Karaoke and this one host sings this super dirty song about a poor wet pussy. I'll find the name of it for you, perhaps you can try that one out next.

Kelli said...

Your friend should move to Japan. They love Karaoke there, it's like a national past time ... 100¥/song baby! I spent a lot of money over there singin' away. It was great fun. Glad you had a good time.

WV: rempo ... like Scooby Doo sayin' "tempo". I laughed.

JLee said...

Awesome! We have got to go karaoking one of these days. lol
I went to sing "live band karaoke" Saturday and it was such a blast.