Apr 30, 2009

Thursday Music

So I'm driving to work this morning all tired and my belly starts making it's early calls for some breakfast. While my stomach is rumbling loudly I hear Seether's cover of 'Careless Whisper' come blaring over the stereo.

This will not do.

With my sleep schedule all kinds of sideways due to a recent hospital stay my mental condition may be what one would call a little off. I kept the stereo at it's present station and started humming along with the tune. Then I started making up my own lyrics.

"I'm never going to fart again...deadly gas has got no rhythm...so it's easy to pretend...constipation is a rule...should've known better than to eat some cheese...and wasted toots have smelled much better...so I'm never gonna fart again...the way I did in front of youuuuuuuu..."

I need coffee.

"Even though it wasn't written about an optimistic experience, I opted to see a positive in the situation. Rather than my usual reaction, which would be to get all piss-y and moan-y about it." - Shaun Morgan


wigsf said...

Way to bone a toad! Good stuff man.

Kelli said...

I like the cover. I hope you roll down your windows when you toot.

Claire said...

Love your lyrics, hon!


JLee said...

I am up in the air about this Seether cover. Part of me likes it and part of me thinks it's so wrong. Confusion!

Miss Ash said...

You mean those aren't the lyrics....dammit!!

grace said...

I LOVE this song!