Jan 4, 2010


Kids now a days. No respect for their elders while they play their goddamn Lady Gaga music at decibels unfit for man or animal. They don't know how important it is to stay off my precious lawn, well if I had a lawn.


A friend of mine and I were talking about corporal punishment for children. She believed that spanking is a good thing, but I really didn't have much of an opinion on it. I like many in my generation had the father that slowly took off his belt while he asked why it was I decided that skateboarding off the roof was a good idea. I never look back at those with anger, shame, nor great fear. It was my punishment and part of the lesson was to man up and take it.

Others though disagree with the whole idea of the good swat. Many see it as cruel and seriously harms the well being of the child on into their adult years.

Well now there's a study that claims children who got their ass paddled for whatever reason turn into happier and more successful adults. I'm not kidding. Take that you pansies who think time outs are good enough. You want your kid to succeed whack em and then threaten to give them something to cry about. Serves them right for changing the channel during playoffs.

"Tired mothers find that spanking takes less time than reasoning and penetrates sooner to the seat of the memory." - Will Durant

Smacked children more successful later in life, study finds


whatigotsofar said...

There is no appropriate decibal level for Lady Gaga. That shit should never be played.

wigsf said...

And there's nothing wrong with spanking your child when (not if, when) your child misbehaves, or just for ringing in the new year. A good annual spanking will keep any child in line all year round.

And who do you think invented birthday beats? Parents did.
"Oh Jimmy, it's your 12th birthday today. Hear that Pa! Jimmy's 12. I think he's old enough for the big boy belt now."

Miss Ash said...

Everyone needs a good spanking every now and again.....even some adults ;)

JLee said...

I was smacked around pretty good and look how I turned out! lol