Jan 21, 2010

Thursday Music

We touched down in Costa Rica at 11p local time. After many hours of travel Dad and I were tired, hungry, and a drink was in order. After a short shuttle we arrive at the hotel and inquire about food. The staff offered us a 10% off coupon to the neighboring Denny's.

I look at my father.

"We're in Costa Rica," I said firmly. "We're so not eating at Denny's."

My Dad asked if there were any other places to eat that late and they all shook their head. Given how tired we were we didn't feel like exploring unfamiliar territory so we bit the bullet and took the coupon.

We walk into the familiar diner, decorated like every other you've seen, and the host asks us if we want smoking or non. I was taken aback as I haven't been asked that in I don't know how long. We were seated and hoped that the menu would have at least something that resembled the local flavor.

Again we were disappointed. There we were looking at the Super Bird, Moons Over My Hammy, etc on the menu. We did see they served beer and the waiter brought us some tasty drink called Bavarian Dark.

I started listening to the music playing in the background. Mostly it was awful hits from the 80s and 90s. It was one of the most random play lists ever as it switched from Laura Branigan's 'Gloria' to early Soundgarden. Then the real kicker came about. They started playing Snow's 'Informer'.

My father looked at me confused as he is pop culture retarded (something I kind of envy at times) and asked if I ever heard this before. He actually thought it was a song native to Central America, but I corrected him and said the hit was huge in the states in the early nineties. He shook his head and asked why anyone would want to listen to such 'bullshit'. I didn't have an answer. After listening to it again you probably won't either:

"If one plays good music, people don't listen and if one plays bad music people don't talk." - Oscar Wilde


wigsf said...

Lemme get this straight, you go to Costa Rica to eat at Dennys and listen to Canadian reggae. Seems like a long way to go. You must have Dennys closer and I know you live closer to Canada than Costa Rica.

Miss Ash said...

It's kinda like when I was in Nice and the tour guide made us go to this "Canadian owned" bar.....Umm yeah I went all the way to Europe to hang out at this Canadian bar...

Claire said...

Even after all these years...that song cracks me up!