Jan 28, 2010

Thursday Music

As it may come to a shock to no one I'm not a big fan of pop music. In fact I think most of it is ass. Seriously it's just not good.

Truth be told I do have my guilty pleasures as do you. I'm sure WIGSF secretly dresses in a toga and dances to the Black Eyed Peas in his room while Mattbear rocks some Pink as he's shaving his back. Don't get me started on Jlee and Miss Ash.

I'm sure most of you are familiar with DJ Earworm, but for those who've yet to experience the pop mashup king he takes the biggest hits from each year and compiles them into one long dance track. Some of the results are a mixed bag, but for whatever reason I'm really drawn to what he did with the songs from 2009, entitled the United States of Pop (Blame it on the Pop). I find it really catchy even though I don't like a single tune in its original format.

Much like my love for the great BMX classic Rad I should hang my head in shame for enjoying this so much, but I won't.

"This year in the charts, so many of the pop songs this year seem to tell the same story: Yeah, we’ve been through a lot, but right now we’re gonna celebrate with music and dance, and it’s gonna be ok." - DJ Earworm


wigsf said...

There's nothing wrong with Elephunk. I proudly claim my ownership of that disc. Lets get retarded in HERE!

Mattbear said...

Ha. Truth is, I do enjoy Pink's music, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I got tickets for Jen (who is a much bigger fan of Pink than I am) and myself back in September to see her play live. She puts on an amazing show.

That mash-up you posted is fucking annoying, though.

Miss Ash said...

I LOVE this mash up (shocking I know) I wonder if you can find it on itunes......be good to run to!

JLee said...

hehe..I generally hate about 90% of pop music, but it has a gem here and there, or at least something fun to dance around in your underwear in. ;)