Jan 3, 2010


Free speech is a touchy issue to some and one a large majority of the world's population has refused to embrace. When the Danish cartoon riots sparked a few years back most people frowned upon the newspaper's lack of judgement in angering a group of extremists.

As I've written before I take the side of free speech and condemn people who respond violently. I refuse to treat them as children, because I expect people to behave appropriately in civilized society. It's just that simple.

One of the artists of those infamous cartoons has now come under attack by someone who didn't take kindly to drawing the prophet with a bomb as a turban. So serious was the man that he arrived at that cartoonists home with an ax and attempted to go all slasher flick, but thankfully the cops responded in time. The crazy man then thought it would be a good idea to attack the police, who respond as you would expect.

No the man's no Salmon Rushdie, but no one should ever fear death when speaking words. Granted some could use better judgement, but I'm tired of people being so oversensitive about such nonsense. Look, whatever faith you belong to, if you believe in a God that makes it his business to oversee the fact that you masturbate while driving you deserve to be made fun of. That simple. Grow the hell up. Your God can take care of him(her)self.

High horse. I ride it.

"Actually, in its purest form, Islam is incredibly tolerant. That makes what's going on in the world really bizarre." - Steve Earle

Attempt to Kill Danish Cartoonist Fails


Anonymous said...

There are good people in Islam, but it is an evil and flawed religion. Can't be trusted. Same can be said about Christianity to some degree. Both comments are more about the people, I guess.

See, I exorcised my free speech.

Anonymous said...

I think to call Islam evil is extremely short-sighted at best and prejudiced at worst. As a practicing Christian, I know enough about both religions to say neither is evil. The only evil is in how some people twist the words of faith into dogma with which to fight their wars. The only evil and flaw in any religion is what the believers do with that religion. Be careful what you say, Knot...your attack on Islam has very much insulted this Christian. I can only imagine how a Muslim would feel.

wigsf said...

Why don't more people worship Pan the goat god these days?