Sep 14, 2010

The band.

The blessed symbols of union that is the wedding ring has long been a part of marriage traditions. As I understand it, what originally started as a pagan symbol of infinite love became hijacked by other faiths and finally the jewelry industry decided that it would be a great idea to have men spend a down payment on a house for a stone that's responsible for the deaths of poor miners. It's just a symbol, but one that means so much in the hearts of many.

I have to admit the romantic in me did enjoy seeing Kelly put the ring on my finger. I gladly wear my 'back off bitch' jewelry for I'm proud of the love I've found. It hasn't; however, come without toil.

Shortly after we got married I tried to get used to wearing it. I kept fidgeting with the ring as I'm not exactly Mr Bling and am unfamiliar with them. Still I guarded it with my life as I went snorkeling and jet skiing.

The following Monday Kelly and I joined Jessica and Andrew at Atlantis. We were in their water park floating around mock river rapids and sliding through tubes. A frolicking good time it was until we decided to exit the pool.

I look at my ring finger and find it naked. My heart sank and I may or may not have cursed Neptune. Kelly noticed immediately and was broken up by the fact that I was missing my wedding band, but after a few tears and some conversation we both agreed it was just a symbol and can easily be replaced.

I figured we would wait to get another one when we got back in the states, but instead the next day we went to downtown Nassau to do some shopping. I found a nice ring which fit comfortably, but later that night as a test I washed my hands and flung my upper appendages around. The piece of jewelry flew off my finger.

The next day we went shopping again and found a ring that takes quite a bit of force to get off. Sometimes it feels like I may have to saw my finger just to remove the band. Still it's a nice piece and am happy to wear it for the rest of my days.

"Marriage: a ceremony in which rings are put on the finger of the lady and through the nose of the gentleman." - Herbert Spencer


wigsf said...

How about a tattoo of a ring around the finger?
Or does the permancey of the tattoo scare you?

Leif Hurst said...

You'll get used to it... took me about a week before I stopped playing with it on my finger.

The wife was not pleased when she saw me spinning it on the table like a quarter.

Jessica said...

Glad you found a new one in Nassau!

Mattbear said...

I've lost at least two, as has my wife. Fortunately neither of us like gem jewelry, so mine have all been cheap ones that were easy to replace, as was one of hers.

Claire said...

If I ever get married, I'll be exactly the same - I always fiddle with jewellry!


Sam said...

I joke with Maddi that mommy and daddy can't get divorced because we can't get our rings off so we are stuck with each other.