Sep 23, 2010

Only socialists rub one out.

It seems that the Republican party has cornered the market on mildly hot crazy women. I'm not sure why this is. Conservative women seem to have hit the gene pool jackpot, well at least where looks are concerned.

Christine O'Donnell has recently, and surprisingly, become the Republican nominee in Delaware, a state most people often forget exists. Still she's gathered a lot of media attention for being a former witch who worshiped at the altar of the dark lord and believes her current spiritual savior is against self satisfying behavior.

Why these issues matter is a mystery to me, but it's worked in her favor as she has seemed to nail the tea party-former pagan-no condom-Obama is a socialist Kenyan Muslim vote. Before she decried the press as evil folk who play board games that result in the winner sawing the limps of live puppies, I saw a lot of interviews with her and have no earthly idea what she stands for. It sort of reminds me of the Arnold's run in California. Everyone was interested in him, most even liked him, but no one could tell me where he stood on the issues.

The point is that even the mention of masturbation gathers the attention of all and can get you far in politics. Well done Christine. Well done you.

"If he already knows what pleases him and he can please himself, then why am I in the picture?" - Christine O'Donnell.


Mattbear said...

I think the anti-masturbation stance does matter, as it speaks to her view on morals in general and her willingness to push her mores on others. Although, being a teabagger kinda does that already.

wigsf said...

Okay, you're the last man on Earth and only two women remain. This Christine O'Donnell chick, or Rosie. Whodya kill, whodya, well, since you're a newlywed, I'll just say "not kill."