Sep 16, 2010

Thursday Music

When Kelly and I took a bus from the Nassau airport to our resort we found our driver to be very friendly and informative. Acting like a tour guide he gave a brief history of the country and reminded us that JFK is dead when we passed a road with his namesake.

The driver then went on about the local cuisine. He first told us about Sky Juice, a drink mixed with conch, coconut juice and milk, gin. It was told to us that the cocktail was very powerful and he was right. Corey found this out quickly when he decided to drink nine of them on his first night in. Later that evening he went swimming in the ocean during a lightning storm.

The riders on the bus were told about conch and how much of a powerful aphrodisiac it is. It was supposed to give men a 'strong back', and like Lionel Richie once sang, perform all night long. We must've heard this tale about a dozen times from various locals, all referencing the pop-star's song. Kelly and I laughed about this, till one night we were eating dinner in their romantic dining restaurant while terribly depressing love songs blared over the speakers. All of a sudden Lionel's signature hit came on.

We smiled as we already heard it the evening before on some bad VH1 show, but in all the years the song has been in existence that was the first time I actually took the time to listen to it. It's nasally and all over the board in beat and format. The lyrics are stupid at best and I have no idea why his producers thought it would be a great idea for the song to take an African native turn.

Yet he had a huge career. Good for him I guess.

"So much of my career has been about saying things the way people say them, using melodies not that I can sing but that the people can sing." - Lionel Richie

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wigsf said...

Just to clarify, All Night Long is from the Can't Stop Now album, not Dancing On The Ceiling.