Sep 20, 2010


As most of you are aware the recent controversy over the New York Jets alleged behavior when hot reporter Inés Sáinz decided to interview them in the locker room has made some waves in football. The NFL has decided to investigate and heads may roll concerning what was said while she entered a room full of naked men.

Now I do believe that no matter what players should act professionally and if they are found doing otherwise they should be punished, but I'll never understand why it's ok for women to enter a locker room where men are changing. Is it really critical to interview a guy while he's naked? I mean what more are they going to get from an athlete besides the following:

"We gave 110%."

"We really need to play better."

"This was a disappointing loss."

"We'll work on our offense next week."

It's all the same cliched rhetoric that I'm sure the press can wait on until the conference, but they insist the NFL parade their players in front of reporters in various states of undress so they can get their interview. The league agrees with them for whatever reason and finds it necessary to keep good relations with the press.

I'm sure the WNBA wouldn't allow me in their locker room regardless of my press credentials, nor could I insist that I get the up to the minute thoughts on Anna Kournikova's recent match while she's about to drop her towel. Why shouldn't I though? It's only fair that male members of the media get their interview. Is the WNBA sexist? Would they allow me in if I said I was a reporter from One Bad Apple, your source for all newsiness?

I wonder what NFL players' wives, or husbands if it's legal in their state, think about a bunch of people checking them out naked because they play a sport. Then again they just probably see dollar signs.

“I die of embarrassment! I am in the locker room of the Jets waiting for Mark Sanchez while trying not to look to anywhere!” - Ines Sainz


JLee said...

I think it's dumb..and she is dumb. lol

wigsf said...

People who dress likes strippers mid-act can't complain when they get treated like strippers mid-act.